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Screenshots: Windows 10 alternatives that won't disappoint


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So you are tired of Windows, and 10 in particular, or you have 8.1 and are worried about privacy with all the claims of telemetry being bad?


What to do? Well, other than threaten to take your ball and bat and go home expecting folks to ask you to stay, only to find they show you the door and tell you not to let it hit you in the butt on the way out, or to suggest Linux, and say they use ABC but for noobs CBA might be better. Then the usual suggestion to switch to Apple because they will soon snap two screens in one just like Windows and Android have been doing for years.


Rather than give biased opinions, or demean folks who use other OS' than they do, the fine folks at Tech republic put together a slideshow with screen shots of Alternatives to Windows that are actually more numerous, and impressive and usable, than you thought. One doesn't require any learning curve either, just a step back. And there are a couple I never heard of but will soon be playing with to give them a try. These last couple are not Linux variants, nor Apple, or Windows. They are real forks.




"Windows 10 is highly anticipated for a variety of reasons, including it brings a great deal more sanity to the unmitigated mess of Windows 8, and it does not require a third-party utility to make it usable for a natural (or a classic, depending on who you ask) desktop workflow.


However, the underlying operating system (OS) that a user runs is becoming an afterthought. The primary focus for many users is on the web -- as such, the availability of browsers and day-to-day productivity software is more relevant to end users than the old era of buying boxed software in stores.


This gallery highlights various OSs that are, for most users, adequate replacements for Windows 10. Many of the options featured here can be used in VirtualBox, if you prefer to give it a spin without dual-booting or formatting your system."


This slideshow is a good info for anyone. So FYI:



Pretty neat huh?

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