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Aiming a dish 1000.2 problem solved

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I'm mentioning this just in case anyone else has a problem like I had.


When I started using the 1000.2 (home style) dish for Dish Network I seemed to always have problems aiming it. The zip code numbers were never quite right. Also, I would end up getting 110 on 119 LNB or 119 on 129 LNB and then have a really hard time getting it straightened out.


Then, a few months ago, as I was setting up, the tripod tipped over and the LNBs came off the arm.


When I put them back on they slid farther down the arm than they were before and "clicked" in place.


Apparently, when I first put it together there was a burr or something that made me think the LNBs were properly on the arm but they weren't. It looks as if that threw the dish aiming off and made it extremely sensitive. If I persisted long enough I would get the satellites, but it was a real challenge. Since reassembling the thing I've been able to use the numbers from the manual to get a signal and the "sweet spot" is larger.


I'm also guessing that fighting with it, as I did for 6 months or so was a good learning experience for me, making me better at it than I would have been otherwise.



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