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Gen auto start


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You will get more specific help if you post what type of system you have.

In general my gen will start under the following condition.

No shore power and batteries go below 12.0 volts. This trigger point is setable.

No shore power and the front thermostat calls for A/C.

Because we have a dog my AGS is always set when away from the coach in case the shore power fails. This has happened twice.

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Well its an Onan 7500 quiet diesel gen with a Xantrex auto start set up. Not concerned about A/C as we dont head south until October. i'm more concerned about keeping the batteries up for heating throughout the winter..we do have some solar so that will help.


I dont like the idea of the batteries dropping down to 12 volts ....might need to set the auto start to 12.3 or 12.5 or something like that.


Or I might just run my Honda in the mornings or evenings for a while. The only big power draw on my batteries would be my furnaces. If we run the microwave I usually start the Onan...same with the coffee maker. Keeps the gen exercised.

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I believe that the AGS sees the active load on the batteries and not the actual state of charge. If you have the trigger set to 12.3 volts the furnace blower startup may bring the battery load temporarily to 12.1 even though the actual unloaded state of charge is at 12.3 or higher. The generator would then start earlier than anticipated.

Did this make any sense? Having difficulty explaining this clearly.

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