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RF Mogul HD TV RFM 1000 Abandoned

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We have just discovered that the first generation RF Mogul system has gone dark and the company has no intention of fixing the problem. They will only sell new hardware for $1200 plus installation to upgrade to the Eagle system. Problem is apparently the original controller and software were manufactured in Korea and they did not obtain the rights to the software. They lost the satellite signal that allowed the dish to find the Direct TV satellites. It was apparently turned off by DISH. They cannot or will not fix the software...too costly they say. They would rather have us pay for their mistake. The system is only three years old and cost us $3000 installed. Not eager to continue to do business with a company that would treat their customers so poorly.

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It is primarily a DirecTV issue and there is a work around for Dish. The following is from a thread on IRV2:


As of last night my RF Mogul dish configured for DirecTV is now INOPERATIVE. This MIGHT apply to MOTO SAT HD dishes also but I don't know that for a fact.

RF Mogul engineers started RFM but inherited legacy designs from Moto Sat. The problem has been that much of the hardware and all of the software came out of Korea and that has caused major headaches for changes and upgrades.

The most recent RFM dishes included a vGPS that was able to locate one of many satellites and then use it to put the dish in the proper alignment for the LNB to do all of the final tuning.

As of some time yesterday sat 119W, Transponder 21 was changed or discontinued and that has rendered RFM's vGPS unusable. The system will point in the general direction of the proper satellites but goes through an endless loop of peaking and tweaking but never hands off final alignment chores to the LNB.

After talking to RFM folks they have said this could also affect DISH TV but there is a way to manually peak and aim DISH but not for DirecTV. They also said they have little to no hope for the Korean company to provide a software fix so...

RFM is selling all the hardware needed to upgrade current RFM HD systems to the Eagle 2 (DirecTV) system. The new system is American made and directly under the control of RFM. One nice feature is that it includes a true GPS for quicker acquisition.

Upgrade cost is $1000 plus shipping.


The IRV2 thread can be found here: http://www.irv2.com/forums/f53/rf-mogul-hd-units-with-vgps-are-inop-260020.htm

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Understand your frustration, had the same issue with Shaw, here in Canada. They and Motosat parted company but RFM came up with a good fix, new controller plus in my case had to have the antennae replace due to 2 seized motors. The Junction City installers installed a rebuilt antennae with new arm to pick up the HD channels, tested it, I was there to talk to Shaw in Canada on my Canadian phone to activate it. The unit after a few calls to RFM, Jim and Carlo the tech works fine when no trees block the signal.

If there is a way to fix things, they will. I have nothing but praise for them, especially Carlo. He will walk you thru an issue on the phone helping to diagnose and fix an issue including the sending of a program upgrade to my computer which was uploaded onto a thumb drive the loaded onto the controller.


If Carlo, who is always busy, doesn't answer the phone, it goes thru to Jim's cell. If that doesn't get thru, keep trying. I persevered and got the unit fixed, yes, at significant cost but fixed none the less.


Best of luck

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