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Installing bunkbeds: how hard is it


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I think i've even up looking trying to find an RV that "meets" all our needs. I have a family of 7 and we want to full time.


It's been frustrating trying to find a bunkhouse so I'm thinking: can I just put bunkbeds in? Does anyone know of any resources for people customizing their RVs ? Any websites or blogs would be awesome.



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The main issues in installing bunks is going to be removing what is there now in an attractive manner and in supporting and securing the bunks since RV walls have little strength.


If you are willing to look at custom RVs you can order just what you want BUT if you put in everything you want you are going to need a big truck to move it.

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There are companies that make a business of remodeling RVs and customizing them, so no question that it can be done. The main thing is to make sure that you understand the structural design of the RV first so that you know what things are and can be attached to. Frequently some manufacturers use partitions and even furnishings as part of the structural design of the RV so any that are removed must also be replaced in the new configuration. Load bearing walls are rare in an RV, but they may still be a part of the RV's rigidity and support. Another thing to consider is if it uses laminated walls and ceiling there isn't much that can be done to those so you may need to install some structural things inside as part of the new furnishings. Each RV will be different in such issues.

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