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Leak detection system


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After accidentally leaving my pump on and having a flood, i decided to build a leak detection system. This will shut off the pump and the city water supply if a leak is detected. Oddly enough since installing it, i have found 3 of them, all to do with drainage components (loose fittings on traps, etc). I have detectors now under any joints in the plumbing throughout the trailer. If a leak is detected, an alarm goes off, the pump is shut off and a solenoid operated to block city water before it enters my trailer. The only way to reset it is to turn the inside pump off and on again.

I also installed a non locking push button in the bathroom so i can flush the toilet & use the sink momentarily without turning the pump on. That is designed for roadside pee breaks. Like the one that caused my flood.









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Sure, by PM. I am thinking about getting this produced as a package commercially so i do not want to publish it on the open forum BTW the flood happened in Az high heat low humidity. no permanent damage i just had to rip out all the insulation underneath.

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