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Salt Lake to Green River on US 6?


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We also have travelled US-6 a number of times. From Helper, where it joins US-191, to Green River is pretty flat, mostly two lane road as I recall. There is not much between Price and Green River. There is a Walmart, Smith's and Albertson's in Price if you need supplies. Smith's has a fuel station. As part of the Kroger group of stores, it gives a discount if you have a Kroger points card. There is a Motel with some RV hookups in Wellington East/South of Price and a couple of fuel stations close by and that is about the last services I remember until you get to Green River.

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We have taken this route about 8-10 times in the last 5 years(4-5 in each direction).


The road is good from SLC to Green River. Once you leave I-15 at Spanish Forks you have about a 37 mile slow uphill climb to the pass. The steepest part is about 5%, much of the climb is 2%-4%. In the steep parts there is a separate lane for slow vehicles, so you can take your time an not worry about stacking up traffic. From the pass it is down hill at about 2%-4% to Helper(just N of Price). About 8 miles of this downhill part is winding through a canyon. Good road, but keep your speed down to 50mph or slower in the curves. From Helper to Green river it is a 1/2%-1% downhill drive, mostly 2 lane with 1-2 mile long passing lanes every so often.


There are no other easy or good routes from SLC to Green River. I guess you could take I-15 to I-70, but that is a long, long, long way around. Also there is a really steep section eastbound going downhill on I-70 about 30-40 miles W of Green River. Since this is a nice wide interstate it is really easy to get careless when you start down at too high a speed and may have a hard time slowing down enough. I find going downhill on big wide 4 lane hill more dangerous than 2 lane mountain roads. It is too easy to be complacent with the nice wide and not too steep highway and let your speed get away from you.

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Yes that drop through the canyon on i-70 is a 6 mile 7% grade and you need to take it slow. Had my front brakes smoking on my dually on that one. I have since learned better how to go down those grades...slow and easy...lol. The route from Price to Green River bypasses that canyon.

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