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Close to pulling chocks and heading out


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I've been dreaming to go full time for a number of years after my first marriage of 31 years fell apart, got remarried to a wonderful women who decide after we we're married she didn't want to leave her new house. So, divorce number two on its way. I have a 35 ft 5th wheel and a f250 ford diesel truck, I am employable in most areas of the country as a truck driver, problem being you drive a semi all over the country but you never get to "SEE" the countryside. I really wasn't planning to do this alone but theres no reason now not to. Anybody out there have any suggestions as to where to start and which directions. live in Delaware now.


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Nice part of traveling alone is that you get to make all the decisions. I suggest heading west, only because there is so much space in that direction, but in reality it does not matter which direction you go--the world is out there for you to find. (East would get you wet, I suspect.)

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Welcome to the gang, and board! Congrats on this new chapter ahead...


I like to read the Travel and for us Boondocking section os the board. You can get some great ideas, and also sometimes learn of places to avoid.


This time of year, maybe heading North to Main, then work your way as fast, or slow, as you want - along all of the Northern Stages of the US (Heck, even Alaska if you're inclined!) would be a fun way to start. If you do this, do dive down into South Dakota for a taste of the Badlands, Black Hills area. With another dive South to check out Yellowstone and Tetons too....


Go have some fun, wherever the road leads you...


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Thanks to all the people who took the time to reply, Must be a curse to announce you are about to do something, Took the old 97 f250 to the shop for an oil change and they took off all the wheels, Original brakes, drums, rotors, calipers and pads after 98,000 miles. I thought the original owner had them replaced. $1200 for all new, could have gone cheaper with advance, or auto zone, but the original Ford equipment lasted 98 k so i went with the good stuff, and am on hold a couple of months to recover... and give me more planning time. Thanks again

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