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My only experience, is with what I'm running right now, a Tarheel 200HP, on a "Lift & Lay", motorized mount, and my experience with that has been very limited.


I really like the convenience, our bus has no ladder and no practical way to install one, so access to the roof is not convenient, quick or easy. I can have the antenna deployed in just a couple of minutes as long as there is no overhead obstructions.


I use a Turbo Tuner II, as an automatic antenna tuner/adjuster (a screwdriver doesn't need a tuner, this is just for my convenience).


Completing my set up is a MFJ 600 watt, solid state amp, all headed up by an Icom IC7200.


I also have my WiFi Ranger antenna, mounted off to the side of the base bracket, so it elevates with the mount, making it about 14 feet or so in the air.


Not a real good picture, but here is my setup, when deployed for 40 meters.


Butch W9MCI


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I've used (and still have) the Hustler screw-in antennas on previous RVs but never QRP CW; always 100 watt SSB. I still have the SSB rigs but the thrill has gone.... (LOL).


I like CW and like QRP and I suppose one little rig is not too different from another (except, apparently, pricing). I don't want to just turn down the power on the Yaesu 747 since sitting outside under the awning racking up contacts is something I want to do.


So many options now... I guess I could start with the Hustlers but finding a good mount spot is problematic on our motor home.


Nice spot for the ranger, though. I have the Ubiquiti Titanium unit which seems to be nice but, really have not used it much except to connect a Rapberry Pi running a web server to my Stix'N'Brix system and let everyone see a picture of my RV from the server *IN* my RV.


The thrill from that has pretty much faded, too. :P



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Sue and I use 440 handhelds a lot; they seemed a bargain about 15 years ago at $80 but now you can get those 2m/440 Chinese versions for like $35 each. (Sigh.)


Still, we've had a lot of use out of them.


The MFJ unit I want is CW only but covers most (if not all) of the HF ham bands. I am pretty sure Sue has forgotten the code she learned when she got her license in 1982. :P



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