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  1. I am still using windows 7 on my pc since 2014 without even single formatting and its still works like butter
  2. If you had upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 properly, then it should be there. Otherwise, you may give a try to by opening C:\Windows\System32\ and see if there is any stick.exe file exists there. This site https://www.winosbite.com/stikynot-exe/ mentioned that the sticky.exe should be under system32 directory. Check the print screen. So, my guess is, if there is already a sticky notes there in system32 folder then you may try to open and check if there is any text/backup there. Best of luck!
  3. Blue scren of death usually happen if you have added any new hard-drive, or installed a software. Try to remove recently installed software and then give a try, it should vanish.
  4. Owning a cat means feed them for coming 15 years which will cost thousands of $. Better sped $15 and get rid of mouse - https://www.amazon.com/Authenzo-Catcher-Effective-Sanitary-Families/
  5. Never buy with dealer until he is an honest guy, buy directly from the owner.
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