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  1. Brand new, zero hour Harbor Freight Predator 3500 generator. Decided to go in another direction for our rig. Also included is a brand new custom US Carburetion tri-fuel kit with hoses as well as a newly filled 40lb propane bottle, remote start kit and a new set of anti-vibration feet. Unit can still run on gas if desired. There's even break-in and synthetic oil included. This is truly everything you need to install the unit in your rig. Located between DC and Baltimore. Retail for everything is well over $1000. Firm on $500 cash for the lot. Local pick up or can arrange delivery. https
  2. Would any of you hyper-organized folks who FT be willing to share your maintenance schedules? Looking for the weekly/monthly/yearly things that keep your rig clean, safe and reliable. We have a 09 Volvo 780 with iShift, so Volvo maintenance would be especially helpful. Thanks.
  3. Could you post a couple pics of your tank?
  4. Jay, This was a big part of why I went with the 3500. Prior to the permanent install, my plan is to place the genny in it's final location and see the level of noise in the cab as well as how audible it is from around the truck. This should give me a starting spot of how much sound deadening will be required.
  5. Many thanks for all the helpful feedback. Roger described the space perfectly. The truck does have regen, so everything needs to shifted slightly aft. The dimensions of the genny are 22.75L x 17.3W x 20H, so I still think mounting it behind the flip-out fairing is doable with the front of the genny facing out. For now, I'm going to move forward with the gas unit and will look at diesel options down the road. Here is a pic of the external tank configuration I'm considering. If mounted above the genny, it appears to be a simple gravity feed system without the need for a pump.
  6. Considered diesel, but the HF was on sale, so price was a part of the decision. Also we're not full-timers yet, so the genny may sit for weeks or even months between uses and I was told diesels need to be run regularly to avoid issues. As for grime, I have a custom cover for the unit that should provide at least a little protection.
  7. We recently purchased a HF Predator 3500 generator and our plan is to install it below the passenger's side cab of our 780. For any of you that have done a Volvo genny install, I'd love to hear about lessons learned and any tips & tricks. I'd like to build as much flexibility as possible into the install including using an external 6 gallon gas tank and enabling the addition of a conversion kit to use 30/40# propane tanks sometime in the future. Currently the target location is a large open space behind the passenger's side body panel, so all the brackets and supports would need to be f
  8. First, has anyone replaced the various interior dome lights in their 780 with LED bulbs? If so, where did you source them? Second, in looking at the interior of the passenger side "coat closet", there are mouldings within the walls that suggest it might be possible to install shelves in this space. Has anyone done this? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  9. Ideally for those full-timers that have owned/experienced both, how would you compare the overall build quality of pre-2015 DRV (Mobile/Elite Suites) versus New Horizons? NH's reputation seems to be very close to the gold standard when it comes to "built like a tank", but DRVs were the most prevalent brand at the Kansas rally we attended, so it seems they make a good product as well. I'm leaving Spacecraft out of the discussion at this point as they seem to be on another level altogether (with prices to match).
  10. The DW and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are putting our house in MD up for sale in the spring and beginning the fulltime lifestyle soon after. These forums have already provided an incredible resource for information, but we are hoping to begin both an online and offline dialog with a veteran FT couple who are willing to mentor us through this exciting, yet anxiety-ridden chapter. We attended the Kansas rally in 2017, so we know just enough to be dangerous. Our focus right now is getting on the road, not so much being on the road. The logistics of this transiti
  11. Some very well thought out and valid points. Thanks to everyone for their input.
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