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Is this a good charge controller for a 160 watt solar panel?

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My solar panel is 160 watts and I currently have a PWM solar charge controller (30V) which apparently aren't very efficient and loss 30% of solar power.  So a MPPT solar charge controller was recommended.  My question is; will this controller be okay for a 160 watt solar panel, or should I buy one of the smaller ones?


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The MPPT controller you speak of is what I am using on my 5th wheel with liquid acid batteries, 370w on the roof and 200w made up suitcase of two 100w panels on the ground that I can move around where needed.

I have yet to reach the suggested 520w charge power rate and well below the PV power rate. IMO I like the growing room for adding onto which I plan on another 170w panel in the future.

Also parallel another charger controller for the 200w suitcase on the ground. I did purchase the 20A little twin for the 200w suitcase to parallel just not in the need of it until I add another panel.

For Lithium ion batteries this charge controller under user sitting be adjusted, that I can not answer I would have to learn more about or purchase different charge controllers. To answer question, yes it will handle your 160w panel plus up to 520w charging power without harm as I read it.

Hope more knowledgeable folks with information will help, this is my first setup and satisfied with the same solar controller.


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A MPPT charge controller works best with solar panel voltages in the mid 30's and above.  Chances are that your 160 watt panel only puts out around 20 volts.   The MPPT controller takes the higher voltage (above about 20V) and coverts that into additional 12V power to the batteries. 

Keep in mind you will never get 160 watts of power from a 160watt panel in actual usage.  The 160 watts is only obtained in laboratory conditions where the panel is pointing directly into the the light source.  In real life you seldom have the panel pointing directly to the sun and having a perfectly clear sky.  That is no haze, and NO pollution particles to filter out the power of the sun. 

Getting 30% to 40% less than 160 watts means your panel & controller is working just fine.  

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