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  1. PaHunter

    '19 ECR Flea Market

    If someone has a pair of the black mirror covers for the back of mirrors, would be interested in taking them off your hands. Truck currently has the chrome ones installed and I am looking to change them back.
  2. Nope, checked it is still outside.
  3. PaHunter

    New shoes

    I put Kelly Armorsteel tires on our ride last year. They have done well for us, don't notice any road noise. They got me home thru 9 inches on snow in November.
  4. And just to add these big boys come with big up keep costs. If still tandem, you may have to replace 10 tires at once. We replaced 4 last year, and it cost as much as putting 6 on a one ton dually. Oil changes/coolant changes are not cheap, you can google them on any truck stop page. That said, they can not be beat for safety and visibility when driving.
  5. well you need to know what your truck weighs, with everything you plan to take with you, full tank of gas, family, dog, all the stuff you want to put in bed, bikes, etc. That will tell you how much weight you have left. Travel trailers have a tongue weight usually 10-15 % of the trailer. Also in the weight of truck you need to add the weight of the hitch you will be using. One other thing to remember is a trailer that sleep 6 or more, may include the dining room table or a fold out couch, make sure everyone will fit, taller or older kids may not fit on a dinette sleeping area.
  6. PaHunter

    Hitch issue?

    I have a vertical one in the garage, waiting for it to warm up to install mine.
  7. PaHunter

    Pets & Trucks

    Our German Shepard loves the truck, loves to ride in it. She jumps right in when we open the passenger door and then jumps out. She is only 3 years old, so we have a bit. I looked at ramps to start with, as we were not sure how she would do with the truck.
  8. 81 of course you want to avoid Harrisburg at rush hours, it then is usually not too bad up until around 162mile marker which is Wikes Barre. From there until you hit the 84 split will be like the start of the Daytona 500. The only good part is that part of the corridor is only about 30 miles long. 84 on up thru the rest of the way is not too bad. I used to live in NEPA and worked in CT so used to drive that weekly. Now down here in South Central PA.
  9. Talked to Kim today, so we are all set up and looking forward to the trip.
  10. PaHunter

    Rust Remover

    Check out Kano Labs, they manufacture Kroil and all types of of cleaners. http://www.kanolabs.com/indSpec.html#anchor34841
  11. We run a cheap dash cam from Amazon, ACCfly. It does have in cab audio, but other than that no information. If you want to see how the camera performs, go to youtube and search Foolish Mortals Truck 999. I have several videos I have downloaded most from the HDT, but one from our Jeep over Thanksgiving, showing it working at twilight and night.
  12. PaHunter

    Veterans Day

    Happy Veterans Day to all who served. Photo is of me somewhere around 1990.
  13. If only my garage was that big and well equipped, mine would be done already. Love that setup.
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