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  1. PaHunter

    An honest question about dash cams and the GPS in it.

    We run a cheap dash cam from Amazon, ACCfly. It does have in cab audio, but other than that no information. If you want to see how the camera performs, go to youtube and search Foolish Mortals Truck 999. I have several videos I have downloaded most from the HDT, but one from our Jeep over Thanksgiving, showing it working at twilight and night.
  2. PaHunter

    Veterans Day

    Happy Veterans Day to all who served. Photo is of me somewhere around 1990.
  3. PaHunter

    Wisconsin hdt regulations question

    If only my garage was that big and well equipped, mine would be done already. Love that setup.
  4. PaHunter


    Looking forward to seeing everyone again. No snow and good times.
  5. PaHunter

    East Coast Rally Registration

    Registered and looking forward to the trip. May there be no snow this year.
  6. Ours has a lock that screws in to the middle of the doors and the freezer drawer. It is a plastic know with a plastic flat piece to hold everything, with threads on the end. Is a socket screwed on the fridge that it threads in to. Ours is a Samsung Residential Fridge
  7. PaHunter

    Best Penetrating Oil?????

  8. PaHunter

    East Coast Rally Rumor

    Oh yes ECR with our HDT this year, woo hoo !!!!
  9. PaHunter

    Transmission issue, Ugh,

    So when I start the truck I get a low air transmission system with a check light. I wait let everything air up, light goes out, off we go usually no problem. Today after work, followed the same thing, put it in drive, drove about 1500 ft to traffic light, stopped and check light came back on. Pulled thru traffic light and Stop triangle lit up and message Transmission System Failure appeared. I pulled over, let the truck idle and air pressure build again, although it was about 98/100psi in the front tank, about 103 psi rear tank. I shut the truck off waited a few minutes, and restarted the truck. Transmission was fine all the way home, with no further messages or occurrences. Any ideas, thoughts ? 2013 Volvo D13 engine with basic I shift, right about 650000 miles. Chris
  10. PaHunter

    Finally Did it! Dropped Fiver!

    How did you like Military Ridge campground ? We are always looking for somewhere new to stay, and Gettysburg is only a short drive from Harrisburg.
  11. PaHunter

    Finally Did it! Dropped Fiver!

    Yep, dropped ours this weekend. Apparently 3 sets of eyes are one too many....dog was helping us hitch up. Well that was enough to make me feel 2 inches tall, had an audience, was at the dealership picking up the trailer from having warranty work done. Luckily our spare tire is in the front, landed on that, have to lower it and check the rim yet this weekend.
  12. PaHunter

    Hitch - Rock and Roll side to side

    It is a Hitchcrafter air ride hitch, it uses the binkley head. And yes the line of the cab is very visible and gives a big reference to movement. Just have to get used to ignoring it. Even after the trip to Alabama from PA it still shocks me.
  13. PaHunter

    Hitch - Rock and Roll side to side

    I mean during towing I noticed that the rear does not bounce like it did when hooked to the one ton. Just takes some getting used to seeing in rolling back there in the mirror. Of course with the mirrors being bigger and sitting higher than the one ton, see the whole trailer, not just part of it. Thank you for all the replies and reassurance that what I am seeing is normal.
  14. PaHunter

    Hitch - Rock and Roll side to side

    Guys, We upgraded to the HDT in May, and are pulling our 43 ft fifth wheel with it. I noticed when towing that the trailer seems to rock side to side more than it used to. The hitch is by Hitchcrafter, and is a 32K hitch. I wonder if the air bags are too big or stiff for our trailer. Our pin weight is on the lower side, maybe 3K. The trailer has a max weight of 15.5K. Ideas ? Suggestions ? Yes I know Henry makes a great hitch, but that is not in the budget right now.
  15. PaHunter

    East Coast Rally Sock Monkeys Make It To Mexico

    That is just great, awesome job.