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  1. We have a trip planned to Gulf Shore, Alabama. We then have another planned with our nephews mid June for just a Friday, Sat night. We are about 25 mins from the Junction of 81/83/15/322, on the west side of Harrisburg. So any of those and you will not be far. I believe we will be at Knoebels on Jun 3rd, as that is the end for the motorcycle run.
  2. Still deciding what to do, I do like the single short. I have a set of fenders on order for now, they will not be here in time for our first camping trip, like I had hoped. And well as for bed ideas, have a couple floating around, but nothing decided yet.
  3. So we have been doing some work on the truck. The hitch is being installed, brake controller is in. Now time to do some camping.
  4. PaHunter

    Pahrump * IMPACT 1 INCH*

    best thing to soak old rusty bolts with is Kroil, made by a company called Kano. Stuff is amazing.
  5. PaHunter

    Just statistics.........

    Drove a 57 passenger bus in to NYC for all the people commuting.
  6. PaHunter

    2015 Smart car Brabus question.

    Not sure what it is, but I am sure the fix is expensive.
  7. PaHunter

    Garmin RV770LMTS vs. Garmin dezl770LMTHD

    I am waiting for the 785 dezl to be released. Was supposed to be May 2nd, but so far nothing.
  8. PaHunter

    Jackalopee Install, Directlink next

    Cool. Keeping my fingers crossed. Now it is just a matter of getting hitch mounted to the truck.
  9. PaHunter

    Jackalopee Install, Directlink next

    The stopped setting is on 10 percent and when i hit the brakes that lights up. Taking the truck to town tomorrow, so will see what it does at speed.
  10. PaHunter

    Jackalopee Install, Directlink next

    So ran out to truck, fired it up. Put truck in drive, released parking brake and still nothing. I can hear the brake light led click on in the jackalopee, but no bar across screen. Manually bar to 100 no problem. Checked faults, none. On information screens showing temp, rpm, brake voltage when brakes applied. So far this group has been so very helpful. Just baffled here.
  11. PaHunter

    Jackalopee Install, Directlink next

    Yep, sure was. That did not occur to me.
  12. PaHunter

    Jackalopee Install, Directlink next

    Have double checked, triple checked and plan on calling them tomorrow, although being Sunday not sure if anyone will be there. If not will call again Monday.
  13. PaHunter

    Jackalopee Install, Directlink next

    No I was not moving, we do not have a hitch on the truck yet. But during his video, Gregg applied his brakes and it showed up on the display as a red bar. We have nothing.
  14. PaHunter

    Jackalopee Install, Directlink next

    Yep, installing on our 2012 Volvo. Truck was aired up and running. We tried with it hooked to the trailer even. When we use the trigger to manually activate it works fine, can hear brakes engage on trailer. When we apply truck brakes, nothing. Brakes lights activate, but no bar and can not hear brakes activate.
  15. PaHunter

    Jackalopee Install, Directlink next

    Well directlink installed but not working correctly. It is showing OK on the screen. When I use the thumb activator, it shows the brakes being applied, hooked to trailer could hear brakes activate. When I hit the brakes, no brake activation and nothing showing on the controller. Not sure what I am missing, or maybe got a bad unit ?