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  1. Yes but I believe Sondra and Dave K purchased all the RV lights in the country for their trailer.
  2. Northern Tool has plastic fenders that fit a tandem.
  3. Ours is a 2012 730, D13 with 650000 miles on it and we paid right around 35K for it. Ask if an overhead was done on it, that checks the sleeves and pistons, cost about 1500 dollars to do. Do they have the maintenance records ? There are going to be a lot of them coming on the market as the fleets start to upgrade to the Gen 3's this year.
  4. Well thank you, I appreciate the compliment. Can't wait to get back to shooting some air shows. Maybe this year again, as I love to do so. I also have my photo's online on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/Chris-Bowmans-Photography-Page-1366704666746476/
  5. Well this morning we had to leave ECR 😂. That thing called life, well just some things I have to tend to. We enjoyed ourselves immensely, got to see some friends from last year, and meet some new people this year. We wish we could have stayed the rest of the week. Everyone else when you head out this week, be careful and safe travels. See if I can get some pictures up.
  6. PaHunter

    ECR Weighing Setup

    Hopefully when we head down that way later in the year.
  7. PaHunter

    New to the fold!

    Welcome Ron and Julie !!!
  8. PaHunter

    Last ECR Update

    Must be shop day. Took our truck down for a state inspection, and they were able to find our coolant leak. Volvo dealer could not find leak last year. They are installing a new radiator, which hopefully is our last big issue for awhile. We will be rolling out next friday, to spend the night in VA, then a short drive over to Crossville, on Saturday.
  9. PaHunter

    '19 ECR Flea Market

    We would be interested in one of the pin box tripods. It should help some of the bounce in our Living Room in the front of the trailer.
  10. Sadly we have to leave on wednesday, so will miss it.
  11. PaHunter

    ECR Weighing Setup

    Hershey is the largest RV show in the US. Maybe we will be able to get weighed on our next trip thru florida. Just would like to know how balanced our trailer is. Will keep it on my to do list.
  12. PaHunter

    ECR Weighing Setup

    I know last year, they weighed rigs. Are they weighing again this year ? Sadly when everyone comes to Harrisburg for the RV show no one will weigh. Looking to get a good weight on our set up, was all.
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