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  1. The water was coming in through the firewall, the sealed it up and no more problems.
  2. This happened on our new 2017 Minnie Winnie right after purchase. Winnebago Forest City identified the problem and covered it under warranty, haven't had any problems since. It's definitely not fun, we aren't FT so that part wasn't a problem.
  3. Visited AZ for the first time last Fall...X2 Saguaro in Benson for at least a month of any snowbird itinerary. Truly a friendly place to stay with a very nice clubhouse (no pool or sauna). I'd then move to Tucson for a month and up to Mesa area to round out a great winter. Golden Sun in Apache Junction is a smaller park with a nice pool, clubhouse, pickleball courts, walkable/bikeable to shopping/downtown district and off major highways so quieter. Also very friendly group.
  4. Trading real estate taxes, HOA fees, maintenance, insurance, gym memberships etc for an all inclusive lease may not be such a bad thing. Saw lots of nice parks in Mesa and Apace Junction where folks lease their lots and own their homes."Financial suicide" may not be true in many cases when folks know what they are getting into and have money to back up their decisions.
  5. Mirror Lake State Park is close by and a good option. Encore has park(s) in the area if you are on the Trails Collection, you might be able to stay at no charge. The nearby circus museum in Baraboo is worthwhile. There are casinos (Native American tribes) in WI, the one in Madison is smoke free and allows overnight parking. They have a shuttle (it is only 2 blocks). They have a decent inexpensive cafe. The Dells are a fun touristy type place to hang out.
  6. ToddF

    Mesa area

    Greenfield Village is one of the few condo parks in this area. I looked at a site with a "shed" in the pet section. The park has top notch common areas. Downsides are high fees ($550/Qtr), limited pet section (if you're a dog lover like I am), and tight spacing. It is a 55+ community...owners do rent their sites out which is a good way to try the place on for size. https://greenfieldvillage.com
  7. ToddF

    Mesa area

    This is the perfect "place in the sun" for my snowbirding. It's running a bit cooler than normal, but still beautiful this time of year. Have been here 1 week and 6/7 days were sunny. Temps go up into the 60's (usually warmer). The mountains are a majestic backdrop. I've enjoyed biking everyday...many bike Lanes and dedicated multiuse trails. I'm not a mountain/dirt biker (yet) but there are many options in the greater metro area.For anyone interested, Cal-am resorts runs a Sept-Dec special which allows you to spend the 4 months in up to 3 of their parks for a reasonable rate. Encore is offering 3 months(prime season) to members for $1,245-$1,665 depending on the park. The LRT is within 1-2 mile's of many of the parks in the area. There has been very little wind.I love it here.
  8. I should be a salesman for Encore. Wouldn't be here (Mesa Spirit) we're it not for my "trails Collection" added on to my zone pass. I just checked in yesterday and can see that this is what I have been looking for. Great park and bike Lanes, trails and sidewalks everywhere. The club houses are both beautiful. The park is more my style...looking forward to the next 13 days here. Then moving to Silver ridge for my "7 days out" which was $350. So I give a value of $700 to this 14 day stay for which I paid nothing beyond my zone pass fee + $199. What a great deal. I LOVE MESA. Texas...come and see what a sidewalk looks like!
  9. Just stopped for 2 nights at SKP Saguaro in Benson, AZ. This is the friendliest campground I have ever visited. This thread accurately describes their $500 refundable deposit and $20 non-refundable fee. They do not take reservations, and there are many sites you can lease by the month at very reasonable rates. Their recently upgraded clubhouse is very nice. (NO POOL). Permanent residents (leaseholders) can have a Casita on their site. The Casita can have a bathroom but no kitchen or other appliances. (City of Benson zoning issue). What a great community spirit here...looking forward to a longer stay next year.
  10. I can see the benefit of the RV in the Wild West. Traveling from the Rio Grande Valley to Mesa...I-10 is wide open...few rest stops with restrooms (many picnic areas for stops but no toilets), less traffic, I-10 is smooth all 500 miles of it. Big Bend National Park is on my bucket list for another trip. The "Hill country" and mountains further West make for a beautiful drive. With the RV, just pulled into a Walmart in Ft Stockton last night for a very good night's rest. Now napping in a picnic stop with 360 mountain views outside El Paso. Gas price fluctuation is wild... Under $2 at one station in San Antonio...3.00+ on I-10 out West.
  11. For my home country, RV ownership is my "cabin on wheels". We have favorite places we camp for 14 days at a time. We have broken in the RV, learned all the ins and outs. If I was going to an unfamiliar country, the last thing I would do is buy or rent an RV. That's just my opinion. There is a learning curve involving driving, gassing up, backing in, setting up. But it's fun once you learn the ropes. When I did my Boston/New York trip via air and Amtrak, the hotels were terribly expensive and the beds were not the greatest. (SHOULD HAVE SPENT MORE $ FOR BETTER ROOMS). We travel with our dog, another reason we like the RV. It's a mixed bag! Be sure to visit Las Vegas. Please don't drive the RV in LA, SF, Boston, or New York City. 😀
  12. I just punched in a 3 month quote for Cruise America...wow! I can see why OP would prefer to buy for a 5 month stay. As Kirk points out, there are many camping options. Crowds are the issue during the peak summer months. We travel after Labor Day into December, things never fill up during these months. But Yellowstone and that part of the US are already closing down by end of Sept. There are many good motel/hotel chains. We like the consistency, online reservation systems, free hot breakfasts at some, amenities like pool, TV, AC, lobbies etc. Convenient locations. Competitive prices. New York and Boston are 2 of my favorite cities but very expensive for hotel. Have camped outside City and taken train in. And stayed in town at hotel. Both options are fun. I think a hybrid trip with a month or two RV rental ,AirBNB, Hotel-Motel-Lodge, car rental, Amtrak would be a blast and cost a bit less than 5 month RV only. Mix it up!😁
  13. In the spirit of trying to help anyone planning such a trip from overseas...some "must sees". Yellowstone National Park with time between East Gate and Cody, Wyoming. Glacier National Park (Lake McDonald and historic lodge) Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Medora Western North Dakota Rapid City area, South Dakota, Wall Drug and Badlands National Monument. North Shore of Lake Superior from Duluth MN to the Canadian border. The "Driftless Zone" in SE Minnesota. Lanesboro, Root River Trail Amana Colonies, Iowa Chicago Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor Maine Ogunquit, Maine Boston, MA Nantucket Island MA Jones Beach State Park, Long Island NY New York City Jersey Shore NJ Sea Isle City, Avalon NJ Cape Henlopen State Park, DE (Ferry from Cape May to DE) Washington DC Orlando FL Disney and Epcot All of the above RV friendly. PM me if you want park recommendations. (I do not know the West very well. ) The Riverwalk in San Antonio. Amtrak is a viable option combined with rental car.
  14. Here is a dealer in the Twin Cities (MN) that does rentals. The prices listed are weekly, not sure of monthly rates. RV rental companies are national too, see plenty of their units in campgrounds. https://www.brambillasinc.com/default.asp?page=xRentalInventory
  15. You have some good ideas/options. Used cars are like a commodity...you can easily buy and sell. Problems would potentially be many fewer than with a used RV. I know most RVers frown upon hotel accommodations, but we traveled by car before getting into RVing and found it to be much less stress than traveling by RV. With an RV, you have constant maintenance and cleaning. Not a good way to spend your holidays in the US. The first year of RV ownership is clouded with maintenance issues and learning systems etc. Maybe you could do a hybrid trip with part of it by car. Consider AMTRAK for transportation along the East Coast. Just this Fall, I flew to Boston from Minneapolis and traveled by AMTRAK to New York City and back to Minnesota. It was a very relaxing way to travel, and train brings you right into the center of the city for easy access to everything. If you go by car, the National Parks have great historic lodges (reserve now). Yellowstone, Grand Canyon(?), and Glacier. Note that campgrounds can be very full in the summer months, the peak "camping" season in the US. This could add to the complexity of such a trip without careful plannng.
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