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  1. Flat Towing

    Kirk, we appreciate your post We also have a 2001 CRV (2nd owner always used as a toad.) We were going to replace it because of it's age but found out new CRVs cannot be flat towed. We have decided to keep it until it dies. Runs great as t 15 years old, 90K driven plus who knows how many towed miles. It needs new tires but otherwise runs great.
  2. Summerdale would be a great place to do ERPU. I like how these are setup...easy when you pass, heirs get the money back. Very low annual maintenance. I could see doing this when we get older.
  3. Thousand Trails Zone pass

    Never saw a full park in the NE or SE during our Sept 7 -Nov 30 trip. It's a great time to travel as you don't need reservations and there are few crowds with the exception of Orlando which must always be crazy. But even the TT park in Orlando never filled up. Of course all this changes during the peak summer months and snowbird season.
  4. Need tax preparer/CPA recomendation

    Consider looking up an “Enrolled Agent” via naea.org website. We are licensed by the IRS and generally specialize in individual tax preparation. DIY option is like anything else...if you know what you are doing, you might save a few bucks. Doing it yourself can cause frustration and potentially lost opportunities. The digital options aren’t free, often charging unexpected fees.
  5. I agree that I pushed the trip back to MN into too short a window (3 days and 2 nights). If I were to do it again, I would have allowed at least 5 days and 4 nights, that would have reduced the stress. I "hit a wall" after nearly 12 weeks on the road (most of the trip was at a much slower pace) and just wanted "out". Glad to be home and put the RV away for the winter and cozy up in front of the fireplace.
  6. Lakewood(Harlingen) and Victoria Palms (Donna) are both 1 block off I2 which is a busy interstate. The traffic noise at both parks was noticeable. Lakewood is an island, you can only leave the park by car as it is in an unsafe area for walking or biking. Many of the residents expressed how they made friends and are happy and busy with social activities. Pluses and minuses to be sure. Lakeside is very economical...$2409 for an annual site.
  7. I am enroute back to Minnesnowda. I can describe the "commute home" as hell on Earth. I entered I35 at it's origin in Laredo. The congestion, accidents, volume of semis, speed of traffic all disagree with me It is too far for an annual snowbird trek for me.The cold looks better and better.
  8. I am down here now going from park to park taking tours and checking out rates. The parks here do not fill up so don't hesitate to "come on down" and look for deals. I am at Lakewood (Encore) in Harlingen. I am not retired yet but getting a taste of snowbird life to see if I like it. I don't like the hot Texas sun and am looking forward to getting back to Minnesota in a few weeks. I think I'll keep working, this isn't for me yet, maybe when I get older.
  9. Another Texas Co-op?

    Recently spent a month in Florida and noted that there are many "condo" parks there which operate in a similar style to the co-ops, the major difference being that the lots are specifically deeded and the common areas belong to the association. Not only are the costs lower than renting, but the shared ownership gives each owner a say in the parks affairs and also the potential to belong to a community and participate in management, board, day to day operations etc. Have also seen these (condo) on the Jersey Shore and Minnesota. Starting one of these from scratch seems like a daunting task. I sure admire those who have gone before me!
  10. Due diligence is a good thing...everyone's priorities will differ. I have been in Florida for a month (for the first time in an RV) and finding out what works and what doesn't. I will be a snowbird someday and I want warmth. Waking up to 65-70 degrees in the morning (Nov) was awesome! Still looking forward to a visit to the ranch. Punta Gorda is at the top of my list right now. I can bike everywhere including the bay and beautiful downtown. There is a condo park that is potentially affordable to buy into or rent by the month. Punta is smaller but only 25 m from Ft Myers which is a plus for me. Wachula is not for me.
  11. Flat Towing

    Attended Tampa Auto show yesterday (in search of info on potential toads.) Learned that those well dressed folks representing their brand don't know anything about towing. Thanks for the link to remco, didn't know about it. Our '02 CRV has 92K on it and runs fine...guess we'll wait until it can't run anymore before worrying about replacing it. New CRVs cannot be flat towed.
  12. Here is another park worth a look for anyone looking to camp in the Zephyrhills area...they are showing availability for the upcoming peak season. Looked at an RV Port unit today as we are exploring options for retirement. They have a variety of units for sale ranging from empty lot to deluxe park model. Maintenance is an unbelievable $65 month and includes outside maintenance, water, sewer, and trash. Very well maintained grounds and common areas. Another park worthy of consideration. They are similar to the co-op parks in the sense that owners meet weekly to do outside maintenance and thus keep costs down. www.emeraldpointervresort.com As an aside, there is a glut of used park models on the market here in Zhills. What might cost 75-109K new can be picked up for 25-50K. Lot rents for the leased land parks are lower too with specials for new tenants.
  13. Walmart

    Enough has already been said about the Walmart option but this is a worthwhile article to read for anyone with an RV... https://nyti.ms/2jqA5VN
  14. SKP Resort Wauchula FL

    Very comfortable park located 5 miles outside Wauchula Florida. This is my first stop in an Escapee affiliated co-op park. This park has FHU sites for $18 night. Overflow (20 AMP) and dry camp are also available on a first come first served basis for even lower rates. They accept reservations now. Park is green with lots of beautiful palms. A modest pool and clubhouse are also available. This park is a great place that won't break the budget. Wauchula has a Winn Dixie, Walmart, CVS, and other stores to meet day to day needs. For longer stays, this park may not work for those like me who prefer larger towns and access to biking. No sidewalks or bike lanes in the area.
  15. Winter Reservations

    X2 on having Escapee parks as a good option. Currently camped for the first time at the one in Wauchula FL (flskpresort.org). High season hasn't started yet but as others have pointed out, many SKP parks have overflow and /or dry camping options. I recommend a 1 week stay here to any newbie coming to Florida for the first time. They are so kind here and only charge $18 night which is an incredible price for a site of this quality. Also check out Thousand Trails and their zone pass paired with the trails collection add on. You get access to a huge number of parks and like Escapee, TT will try to work you in whenever possible.Use rvtripwizard and note the huge number of Walmart and CB locations that can be used to park in a pinch. Zachary Taylor in Okeechobee FL another good option for a visit to the "tropics" and lots of space and they accept PPA all year long.