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  1. Here is a link to a thread I participated in regarding deeded lots in the RGV: I've ruled out the RGV for myself, but many folks are very happy down there.
  2. I recommend starting with the zone pass and Trails Collection add on. This allows you to explore the parks and make sure you like them and want to spend weeks at a time in them. (Otherwise, buying a membership for $3-5,000 with an annual commitment may not make sense). I camped in the TT parks and TC parks for 3 years, on my zone pass and TC add on, and knew that I wanted to return for 2 or 3 weeks at a time to some of my favorite destinations. I've also been RVing long enough to know that I'm in for the long haul. I maintain a KOA membership because it is so convenient to make reservations on their app when I am traveling and inbetween longer term stops. For $30 a year, I feel like I have another 800 parks in my back pocket with quick access and a 10% discount. I'm also an Escapee member and love the parks they offer. One stay per year pays for the $39 membership fee. Then I have Passport America, and again, 1 stay per year makes the fee worthwhile. I guess I'm a "hoarder" of sorts. I'm "on the road" for 3-4 months annually and get plenty of use out of all of my memberships. For fulltimers, the payback would be even better.
  3. I recommend looking for a dealer (auto/rv service tech) familiar with RVs who can install permanent valve stems that come out of the wheel cover for easy access. It takes some doing...many Ford dealers have no idea how to do it! We found Kremer Services in Inver Grove Heights MN who was familiar with the process and ordered the parts. Now checking tire pressure is a breeze. Not happy with our $500+ Tiretracker system. Sensors fall off the radar. Sensors give inaccurate readings. The display terminal inside the RV doesn't sound an alarm if a tire is suddenly deflated. (tested it). They have a lifetime warranty so we have to pack it up and send it back to them. Junk as far as I am concerned. AVOID THIS COMPANY: https://www.tiretraker.com/
  4. Test drove a 2020 Equinox today. Very impressive. Here is the official Chevy towing instructions for a 2020 from the Watson Chevy dealer (Tucson AZ). They have some big sales going on. Equinox 2020 Towing Instr20191125_16032896.pdf
  5. Inquired with neighbor (Tucson) yesterday upon check in saw his Equinox behind his RV. (2014). He pulls 1 fuse before travel and is very satisfied. (I don't know yet if pulling a fuse is going to be necessary on the 2020). No mention of death wobble (didn't ask). Everything I read online points me to the Equinox for 4 down towing. Am finding the fully equipped "LT" for about 26K + tax and license. Lots of car for the $. The 2020 Equinox gets a 5 star rating from NHTSA. Etrailer has a couple good videos on towing the Equinox. Camping World generally is very familiar with installation of base plates and wiring for toads and is who my neighbor used when he bought his. (I plan to use the following when I get my tow package installed). http://www.experttruckandrv.com/
  6. Thinking seriously of pulling the trigger on a 2020 Equinox LT. Upgrading from a reliable 2002 Honda CRV. The Honda is reliable and fine for short trips to the grocery store, laundry etc. But we're looking to combine my daily driver when home and our tow car into one more comfortable and safer vehicle. Would appreciate any feedback from Equinox owners who are towing. Is it easy to bring in and have modified for towing? Would you recommend that we move our 3 year old Delta Force (unit is actually new because it was replaced under warranty) brake over to the Equinox? I realize that we'll need a charge wire. Death wobble seems to have kind of died down as an issue. The CRV has provided reliable service for 17 years! (2nd owner). It is really hard to get rid of it!! But it really isn't that great for longer road trips when not in tow. It has newer tires and is obviously set up for towing and the inside brake. Will post it here for sale ($1,995) if this Equinox deal goes through. It's a great deal for someone who wants a cheap toad. We have 2 garage stalls at home and 3 cars now and by combining my daily driver and toad into 1 vehicle, we can get both our vehicles inside again.
  7. Cutest little park model for sale at Traveler's World. 533 sq ft $45,000 or best offer. Text Nancy 210-287-1688 Lot Rent $504 + Elec. This is my third stay at Travelers' World in San Antonio, one of my favorite parks in the sunbelt. This unit is outstanding, so I thought I'd share it here. 2 parking spots in front (no carport) Very nice open porch on front and full screened porch on side. The unit looks like new inside (I believe it is remodeled). Traveler's World is near downtown and on the bike trail. I am not an agent or affiliated with the seller or Traveler's World.
  8. I signed up with Dialcare (Telemedicine simplified). I wanted an app that I could use nationwide to find and consult with Doctors around the US in case I need one while traveling outside my home area. Not sure if this is something that would interest you...I haven't had occasion to use it yet. I pay $159 a year and the service includes free consultations if I need them.
  9. I found mine (transfer just completed) on ebay. I found a contract that had a Florida Max Pass attached to it - so I have 6 additional Florida parks on my menu. Here is a link to a blogger who does a great job explaining the nuances of the Elite contracts. http://ddwt.us/ Under articles, you will see an article on Thousand Trails. Max Passes were also available for a limited time for Arizona and the NE Zone. Before buying from a private party, call Thousand Trails and go to "membership transfers" and provide them with the member # and ask them to review the contract with you and verify that any goodies transfer. (Not all do). My transfer took almost 2 months to complete but it is done now and I couldn't be happier. I have 190 parks on my menu including Trails Collection. I paid $5,000 + the $750 transfer fee. As mentioned in the previous reply, camgroundmembershipoutlet is a reputable dealer in TT contract resales. Good luck with your search. Thousand Trails is a wonderful company with great parks!
  10. Isle of Capri (Lake Charles) is a good overnight with the option of a paid hookup site with elec only. They allowed free overnight parking in the overflow lot which is what we chose. The parking lots are directly below the huge bridge on I-10. Lots of noise and worry about that bridge which has seen better days. I put a price of 1B to replace that monster. Every time a truck hits a certain spot, you hear a pronounced thud like something is loose. Scary. I am not a complainer, but the seafood buffet was $72 for 2 and not worth it. 2nd night stopped at Katy RV Park in Katy, TX. $53.10 for the night. It was worth it not to have to hassle with parking in a busy WM overnight. Katy RV Park has a very unique setup, I would recommend anyone looking at the Houston area to stop there and check it out. When I am retired, I would gladly spend a month there during the winter. Tonight at TT in Columbus, TX, no charge for TT members. San Antonio...here we come! (I-10 is still very rough through LA and East Texas. Drop your speed as you cross the LA/TX line to reduce the odds of disaster).
  11. Before I left Summerdale, I noticed they had some of the lots for sale with a $5,000 price reduction. ($35,000). I fell in love with this general area a few years ago when I first visited Rainbow Plantation. (Have been back twice since). You have Pensacola and Mobile nearby when you need a big city. The towns of Foley, Fairhope, Summerdale, Robertsdale, Gulf Shores have it all! The only way to go anywhere from the park is by car. (There is no way you could bike or walk safely along 28). That would deter me from considering the location for myself in the future. But most people drive everywhere anyway, so not a problem for most. Alabama is an under appreciated state in my opinion. *Rainbow Plantation and the new private condo park are located in a rural area. Nearby residents do target practice so you hear a lot of shooting in the distance when they are active. I'd spend a month at Rainbow Plantation to check it all out before I bought anything in the area. There are also lots of barking dogs on 2 sides of the parks, mainly at feeding time.
  12. My advice stands ...you're not wanting to keep existing S+B so there is nothing to lose. Sell it. Store items you'll want later when you find the perfect home base. It's more complicated when existing S+B is very desirable and Rver hesitates to sell because of possible regrets. (It's very costly and time consuming to sell S+ B and contents and then start a new one). I do like the escapee model for the long term sites. You might want to look at these as transition home base between current S+B and future S+B. They all have waiting lists. But the buy in is very low and it is easy to turn the lot back to the park when you are ready to move on and get your money back. And the annual costs are very low. And everyone helps each other, real community spirit. Not sure if you can get on waiting list if your not 55 yet. When you buy a deeded lot, you run into some of the same problems as S+B. Hard to sell. Need to cut grass on many. Year round utility bills, Insurance. Taxes, HOA fees. Neighbors (good and bad). Buy in could be $25-250,000, crazy range.
  13. Most sunbelt areas have condo parks as an option. Truthfully, you're better off renting/leasing in my humble opinion. RV sites don't come cheap and tie you down. Best bet is to begin the adventure and explore. You'll find lots for sale all over and if something grabs you, go for it. Otherwise, renting makes more sense for most folks. I have a thread on this board with extensive info on the RGV. You must be 55+, however, to buy into most of the snowbird parks. One thing I notice when visiting condo parks is that the site morphs into a "home". Sheds. Carports. Permanent additions. Junk. etc. Might as well just buy a house and park your RV next to it. All those other rver's become business partners. Board meetings. Rules committees. Sewer problems. Old people who shouldn't be living alone in an RV anymore. You can usually find a site for lease in the condo parks, which is a great way to try them on for size before tying the knot.
  14. If you're not attached to your house, I would recommend selling it and getting rid of anything you don't plan to take with you to your new home base. Then travel around and explore until you find a place that feels right. Almost all of the parks I stay in have a broad range of ages. The "age restricted" parks start at 55 so you might have to wait a couple of years until you can visit those.
  15. I wish escapees could start a database of RV friendly service providers. Previous RV was a '99 also on E450 chassis and was more maintenance intensive. But at about 130K, it was still very reliable and after cleaning up some neglected items by the previous owner, it was great. Have had good luck finding providers but it takes some work on the internet and the frustration of being turned away or ignored by some. In the Twin Cities (MN), Apple Valley Ford will happily service the E450 (commercial division). Now that the 3 year Ford warranty has passed, I will switch to Kremer services in Inver Grove Heights, MN for my primary annual service. (Kremer is friendlier and lower in price). Here in Summerdale found nearby Express Oil (across from Target) that was fully equipped for routine oil change and other routine maintenance. It just takes searching around on the internet (read reviews) and phone calls work better than online inquiries which often go unanswered. ( I always get an oil change in the Spring and Fall and that means at least once having to search for an "out of area" provider.) https://kremerservices.net/ https://www.expressoil.com/stores/daphne/al/1901/
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