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  1. I like the $90 monthly HOA cost to live here. Look forward to visiting the area and learning more about the West. Great blog!
  2. Many ENCORE parks have storage lots. (I know the 1 in Clermont does).
  3. "If at first you don't succeed, try try again". With any service, there are great providers out there. But they may not be the first one you find. We've had great experiences on the road with our RV. I can think of two occasions where repair shops did us favors and wouldn't charge us. There are a lot of good people out there.
  4. Be sure to visit the various Escapee parks...they are a great option and a nice way to feel part of the community.
  5. I look at "paid tv" as a treat when I am in an RV park that has it. (I'll gladly pay for it on a per stay basis as is the case in some of the Thousand Trails parks I frequent.). Otherwise, free OTA (Over the air) digital TV gives me everything I need. I pay for satellite radio which is a fraction of the cost and gives me needed access to the news channels. They charge so much (DIRECT TV) and 90% of the channels are things I wouldn't pay for. Plus ads to boot.
  6. Be sure to do all your homework. Pulling a trailer and setting up is not as easy as towing a small car behind a mid-size motorhome. I know everyone has their own preferences, I tow a HOnda CRV and can hookup and disconnect in 5 minutes by myself. When my partner is with me, it takes 3 minutes. We travel all across the US and like the motorhome. We're inside for bathroom and lunch breaks. One of us can nap in the back while on long hauls. And we like running around in a small car once we set up camp vs a big truck. Another idea is to get a long term room at a place like Extended Stays for a month and avoid making 2 air flights. Let us know as further questions arise. Good Sam has a very active forum too.
  7. ENCORE now allows month long bookings on their website. (You used to have to call to do so if the stay was for a month or longer.) ENCORE and SUN are advertising deals, I suspect demand is lower this coming winter due to the pandemic.
  8. My understanding is that the government pays the insurer a fee for each enrollee in the medicare advantage program. The players are HUGE insurance companies and they manage the participants care in an effort to reduce fraud, waste and unnecessary charges. Think of the company as your advocate with a dual mission...keep you healthy and keep costs low. Also, because of their size, they may negotiate favorable reimbursement rates with their providers when compared to other options, like paying cash for services. As a tax preparer, I haven't paid much attention to the details of the different options over the years, but I have noticed huge variations in what people pay for supplemental insurance once they go on medicare. Many like "GOLD" coverage that pay for everything, but in addition to the $144 month for Part B, they often pay $200-$300 month for their plan. For someone like me who works out at the gym, goes to a chiropractor, bikes every day etc, it makes more sense to go with the no premium option and save the money on the side so I can pay my chiropractor of choice out of pocket if necessary. If I have a heart attack or get cancer, Healthpartners has Regions Hospital in St Paul which I know to be an A+ provider as my Dad had major surgery there and the place is amazing.
  9. There is an explosion in advertising in Minnesota of companies offering Medicare Advantage plans. (United Healthcare, Healthpartners, Humana, etc et). Or maybe I'm just noticing it for the first time (open enrollment) since I'm not usually in MN this time of year. The Advantage plans seem to offer lots of perks like dental care, eye checkups, even meal delivery! I definitely plan to check into this when I become eligible as I am fine with a narrower network of providers. I'd most likely go with Healthpartners since that is who I have my major medical insurance through now and they have an excellent network of clinics and hospitals in MN. I think Medicare Advantage would be good for someone like me (zero premium option) who seldom takes any RX and gets sent home from the Doctors office with a "don't come back" more often than not.
  10. I've pondered a similar question...(my business is "4 months on...8 months off".) My RV sits mostly unused for at least 1/2 the year. I just put the RV away and don't plan to use it until September 2021. I store it inside, so there is very little "wear and tear" during periods of non or light use. I do a few short trips in the summer to keep things running smooth. My advice is to try to find a rig (maybe used) that you can fit into your budget and store inside as I do when not used and foget about the joint ownership possibliity. RVs are such a personal item (mattresses etc), high maintenance, quirky. Not an easy item to share. In the pool business, you presumably already have a truck that could be the tow vehicle. A modest trailer is not that big of an investment and when well taken care of, could last you 15 years.
  11. At Rainbow Plantation, owners of several deeded lots (not the campground) rent out spaces privately. Their homes are on large lots and they have FHU for 1, 2 or 3 RVs on them.
  12. Those frozen turkey breasts can also be thawed out and thrown in a crook pot. Roasting a whole turkey in the oven tastes best but a chore. Those oven bags work well and reduce the mess.
  13. Yes, MN has this capability too at the secretary of state's site. They confirm 2 things: Receipt of ballot That ballot will count.
  14. Listened to Minnesota Dept of Health update this afternoon. They attributed over 600 cases to 71 different weddings. 1 death. This doesn't include untraceable infections that resulted from coming into contact with an infected wedding attendee. Also listened to a story on Minnesota Public Radio that featured a doctor with experience treating covid. Here is what I've learned... Everyone knows the medical experts recommend mask wearing and thorough hand washing. Outdoor interactions are safer than indoor. (The weddings in some cases were outdoors but some had indoor receptions). The amount of time one spends with an infected individual is critical. 15 minutes is mentioned as a threshold for increased risk. Picking up the virus from packages and grocery items seems less an issue. (I'm not sure on this but I will say I never stopped going to grocery stores frequently. I wear a mask, get my items, self-checkout when possible, and put everything away when I get back to the RV or home, and wash my hands. ) Indoor dining is a high risk activity. Have a plan. Mine has always been in any emergency to point the RV toward Minnesota and head home. The plan worked: I knew I could make it alone and did so in less than 48 hours. This included rest breaks and no compromise on safe driving. However, I did have to drive at night which I prefer not to do under ordinary circumstances. Consider buying an oximeter. A key tool in the initial management of a covid case is managing blood oxygen level. One might not be available when you need it, I lucked out, Walgreens had them in stock. But if this pandemic continues raging, they could become hard to find like masks were in March. (An oxygen level at or below 90 would imply a need for an urgent care visit). Have cough syrup and cough drops on hand. If you live in your RV, try to partition off an area with plastic bags and seal the area. It should be well ventilated. You want to try to separate the sick from the healthy. Have non-perishable foodstuffs on hand that are easy to prepare. You can become very weak, making a cup of tea becomes an effort. Have Clorox wipes on hand and wipe down door handles and other frequently touched surfaces. Call your Doctor or clinic and get a case started even if you end up self resolving at home. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. It's "one day at a time" with Covid.
  15. Yes, MN Dept of Health called and all contacts have been notified. I'm living in the RV in the driveway until we establish it is safe to go into the home.
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