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  1. Rover

    Where are you spending this summer?

    Sounds like a plan!
  2. Rover

    Where are you spending this summer?

    After attending Escapade, we have headed north and will be attending the Great Lakes Area Tri-Rally in Coldwater, MI. From there we plan to continue meandering north and west traveling mostly 2 lane hiways finding interesting stops along the way. We plan to make it to the Washington/Oregon area by early fall (Sept.) and then continue on south for some meetups in the California/Arizona area November thru January, of course with Quartzite in January. Vicki
  3. Rover

    Slide out awining

    We had a 12’ electric awning put on our slide by Shadepro at the Escapade Rally. They did say that a manual awning would be too heavy. We had talked about having one put on for quite some time and the price was less than we expected. We are so glad we got it done!! Keeps the RV so much cooler. Vicki
  4. Rover

    RV shower head

    We bought the larger adjustable Oxygenics shower head and it works great in our RV! Vicki
  5. Rover

    CLASS OF 2016

    Had a good time at the first timers social and got to meet Rav and his wife.
  6. Rover

    CLASS OF 2016

    We are here at Escapade too. No one else from our class has responded though. Have a pretty full schedule but can always find time to meet new friends!! Vicki and Mark
  7. Rover

    Hard Wired Internet

    We really liked Palmdale RV Resort in Los Fresnos, TX. Great place for the winter. Nice large sites and very nice people. Vicki
  8. And it is getting very frustrating now as we are moving about once a week and the reps on chat are telling me I can do this myself on the app and then continually argue with me when I tell them it’s not available to me yet. Vicki
  9. Yeah, the excuses seem to be all over the place. During one chat session, the rep repeatedly kept telling me I could use the app and do it myself no matter how many times I tried to explain I didn’t have that option. She even included the instructions. So frustrating..... Vicki
  10. After complaining several times in the surveys they send each time I chat to change locals, I received an email from a customer satisfaction official stating that the reason I couldn’t get the service on the app was due to my equipment. I have Hopper 3 and Joey which she states are for residential use and not for outdoor accounts even though my account is flagged as an outdoor RV account. No information on whether I will eventually be able to use the feature. Vicki
  11. Rover

    Anyone planning a trip to Alaska next year

    We are, as of right now, planning on Alaska next summer. We haven’t made any plans yet other than pretty much allowing most of the summer for the trip. We have done one Alaska cruise but other than that have never been there so really looking forward to seeing the interior. We are set up to do a lot of boondocking but don’t necessarily have to. Vicki
  12. We meet everything in the first list except the PAYGO part. We have purchased all of our equipment, have portable dishes and are not residential. Seems like the option would be perfect for users like us, yet we can’t get it. FRUSTRATED!! 😤 Vicki
  13. Dish told me that only pay in advance accounts such as “pay as you go” accounts have the ability to change locals on the app at this time. Of course it seems we are all getting different answers. He did say it would eventually roll out to everyone with Outdoor accounts but didn’t know when. VickI
  14. Rover

    generator in truck bed

    We use 2 Champion inverter 2000 watt generators that can be combined to run together for more wattage to run the AC. I think the type you buy at Harbor Freight would be way too noisy and not the inverter type for running more sensitive electronics. For hooking up the 5W, we installed a backup camera in the truck bed that works with our Garmin GPS. It makes hookups a breeze. Vicki
  15. I had to change service address yesterday so thought I would address the issue. My account is already marked as an Outdoor account but it is not a “pay-as-you-go” account or pay in advance account. The rep said only those accounts have access to changing their service address at this time. Don’t know when it will be available to everyone else. I hope it’s soon. Even though the chat feature isn’t bad, I still don’t like doing it every few days. I’d rather do it myself. Vicki