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  1. There was an update on Facebook that said the truck and trailer was seen being driven across the Mexico border and the man driving was not James. No other information was available. No hits on their passports. Vicki
  2. We had a Class C for 12 years and a Class A before that. We knew that when we went fulltime we were going to have to have either a Class A or a fifth wheel. There just was not enough storage space in the Class C, especially basement storage. And we had a large C at almost 32’. Vicki
  3. We started out tent camping with the kids and then bought a VERY used Starcraft popup 1972 (I think) in 87 or 88 for $400. It didn’t even have the crank up top. You had to lift the top and slide metal arms to hold up the roof. The canvas was just barely usable but we managed to tow that popup with a mini-van on a 2 week trip out west that included Corn Palace, Devils Tower, Mount Rushmore, Painted Desert, Crazy Horse, Grand Canyon, and Disneyland. How we crammed that all in two weeks, I don’t know. But we had a great time! After that, we bought a newer popup then a 24’ Fleetwood TT from a friend that was like new. They had never used the bathroom in it and still had the protective plastic on the carpet. After a few years with it, we bought an 85 Pace Arrow MH (no slides) around 97-98. Then 2004 we bought a new Winnebago Minnie C that we kept for 12 years until we got our current retirement fifth wheel rig. Once we started camping, we have never been without some type of means to camp. The funny thing is I had to talk Mark into camping in the first place. He never did as a kid and said he gets enough of camping in the military. I kept telling him it wasn’t the same thing as camping with the military. Took me over a year to convince him to try it. Vicki
  4. Ray, I would agree with you on not finding a better plan. It just seems like it wasn’t that long ago when generics were $0. When you take 21 prescriptions and three of those are non-formulary that they only fill for 60 days at a time (but charge the same as 90 days) it adds up pretty fast on disability / retirement pay. Thank goodness Mark gets his at the VA. But we have it much better than many people and only hope the copay doesn’t keep going up each year too much. Vicki
  5. Ughh! I just read that Express Scripts copays will increase again January 1st. Generics $7.00 to 10.00, non-generic $24.00 to 29.00, non-formulary $53.00 to 60.00 And an increase could be possible each year through 2027 due to a law passed in 2018. Vicki
  6. We are camping this week with Escapees Indiana Chapter 51 Fall Rally. There are also some Escapees from the Michigan Chapter joining us. I think we have close to 30 rigs. Fun times! This winter we will be joining up with the Escapees Boondocking BOF and moving around Florida staying out of the snowy north. We also belong to other groups or have friends we have made on the road that we meet up with to camp together. Vicki
  7. I sent an email a while back to join and never got a response nor have I received a newsletter or anything. Guess I’ll try again. Vicki
  8. We purchased our RV from CW 1) because they had the floor plan we wanted and 2) it was the dealership we had bought from before they were taken over by CW and was a good experience. The purchase went well but we did have some problems with warranty work. Of course CW blamed on manufacturer and manufacturer on CW, so who knows for sure. We have had some very good service work done at other CWs on the road though. As fulltimers most of them have been great at getting us in the same day and back out on the road no matter how busy they were. Maybe because we originally bought from them. CW in Nashville, TN was one and there was another in Missouri but I can’t recall which city. We don’t often shop there due to prices, but occasionally they have a part we can’t find elsewhere. Vicki
  9. We just replaced our tires and Goodyear said they are no longer making the G614s and recommended we replace them with Endurance tires. We found someone that had G614s in stock that were only a few months old so went with those but if you are wanting to do the same don’t wait too long or you may not be able to find them. Vicki
  10. We carry two 2000 watt generators in the back of our truck bed so we can pair them when we need to run the air conditioner. Vicki
  11. We spent most of the summer in Alaska and crossed back into the states around the end of July. Just in time for things to start going wrong with the RV and truck. Didn’t think we’d ever get out of Washington with all the repair appointments we had to schedule. As we are making our way east and south toward Indiana we continue to have to stop for irritating problems (bought new tires in Washington and the tire place cracked a rim resulting in a leak and the purchase of a new rim in South Dakota). We aren’t in a rush to get back, but would like to have a few dollars left when we get there 😁. We will be attending the Escapees Indiana chapter Rally in September so we do have to make it back by then. Hope everyone else is doing well. Vicki and Mark
  12. Rover

    Alaska 2019

    We’ve been up here almost two months and are just about ready to head back toward the USA. Yesterday we visited McCarthy and the Kennecot Historical Mine. Today we made our way to Valdez and will be here for a few days. These are our last stops in Alaska unless we venture off the Cassiar Highway on the way back. However, most of those areas we have visited before on Alaska cruises. It’s been a great adventure! Vicki
  13. Our panels are 160W so 1920 watts of solar and we did have it professionally installed except at that time we had 8 Trojan T-105 6v batteries. Mark did the switch over to the Battle Born batteries about a year later. We actually do have small window air conditioner we can use on solar if it gets too warm and able to run it for several hours or overnight. I’ll have Mark look at the article and see if we are hooked up the most efficient way. Definitely want to protect that investment! Thanks. Vicki
  14. They all hook together in parallel then into the inverter to power everything in the 5W except the air conditioning and the fireplace. We have 12 solar panels on the roof. Rarely have to run the generator. Love our solar and Battle Born batteries! Have boondocked almost the entire summer in Alaska. Vicki
  15. Sure wish they would have had this discount before we bought our 10 Battle Born batteries!! 🤨
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