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  1. The offer thru FROG was to join for a year and get two more months free. The $1 30 days trial came directly from RVgolfclub.com after we had emailed for more information. If you go to their website and do the same, you may eventually get the same offer. Hope you enjoy your new Cedar Creek!! Vicki
  2. We received an email from FROG (Forrest River Owner Group) endorsing them and with a special offer to join. We sent an email for additional information and after a while they finally sent a map showing the location of the golf courses, RV Resorts, and other resorts and clubs. Of course names and addresses weren't included. We keep receiving emails daily and have now received an offer for 30 day trial for $1 but as we are camp hosting until October we can't take them up on it now to try it out. We have not found anyone who has used them yet. Vicki
  3. Wholesale Warranty?

    I think it does, but I don't believe the coverage is as good as Coachnet and we already had it anyway before the warranty. Vicki
  4. Wholesale Warranty?

    We have Wholesale Warranties and have filed a claim. They were very good to work with and no problem paying. We checked out several companies and thought they had the best policy and price. We're happy with them. As far as roadside assistance, we use coachnet. Vicki
  5. Standalone Fifth Wheel Insurance

    We have specific full-time coverage with Progressive where we were able to specify the amount of coverage we wanted for additional personal belongings (15K). We did take out an additional umbrella liability policy just for peace of mind. Our truck is insured through a different company and Progressive had no problem insuring just the 5W. Vicki
  6. Tonneau - hard

    We bought one on Amazon that is compatible specifically with the Garmin GPS. We tried a cheaper one first and couldn't get it to work right. It's been awhile since we installed it. We already had the Garmin. I looked it up - it is the Garmin BC-20 camera. Vicki
  7. Tonneau - hard

    We have a hard fold up cover also. Mark mounted a backup camera aimed at the hitch that works with our Garmin RV760 GPS. He likes it really well and can hitch up the 5W without any assistance. Vicki
  8. TPMS preferences & complaints

    We've had our EEZ for over a year and just had a problem with one tire sensor occasionally dropping out. But since we pull a 42' 5W we thought it might be due to distance. We purchased the repeater and haven't had any more drop outs. Really like the system. Would recommend the non-flow thru caps as I've heard some people have had problems with the flow thru ones being too long and causing problems. But maybe that has been corrected. We've contacted EEZ a couple of times with questions and they were quick and very helpful with their responses. Good customer service. Vicki
  9. Anyone go from Class C to 5th?

    We had our class C for 11 years and really liked it but when it came time to go full time we knew we wanted a fifth wheel. It's just so much roomier, more like a home and so much more storage. I do miss the convenience of being able to move about the house portion while traveling, but as fulltimers we don't travel as long of distance a day or as many days in a row before stopping somewhere. So that's just not a big deal anymore. There were several must haves on our list and only a fifth wheel could fulfill them. Vicki
  10. USA Travel Care

    We just had our first claim with Wholesale Warranties and it went great! We called them with the repair tech here, gave him the estimate, he spoke to the tech to verify the problem and cost and then immediately approved the repair. Within 15 minutes of our phone call they had called the repair company and paid over the phone so the part could be ordered. So fast!! We when were shopping for a plan they had the best coverage at the lowest price. We are really pleased.
  11. T-Mobile - Are We There Yet?

    I found my answer at Technomadia's website. Guess I should have read it first (lol). I have ordered what I think I need to accomplish what I want to do although I could not find anything that specifically said it would work with the tablet we have. We'll find out tomorrow.
  12. T-Mobile - Are We There Yet?

    So if we get the older Simple Choice Mobile plan say on a tablet, we would not be able to use it as a hot spot and stream programs on the TV on Netflix or Amazon and have it count towards Binge On? I'll check out the TV article but everything I've read so far is not very clear and neither was the clerk in the T-mobile store. Thanks
  13. Anybody install a computer desk in their 5th?

    We bought a custom desk for our dinette area from www.braddandhall.com to match the rest of the woodwork in our fifth wheel. We really love it. I can't get my photo downsized enough to post, but if you go to their website and look at desk/dinette pictures you'll see what we have. We used our existing table and chairs with the desk. The quality on the build is excellent, it's Amish built in the Elkhart,IN area (they ship). We have it in a slide and weight does not seem to be an issue. Vicki
  14. Dish Service Address

    We have had this happen before and had a very helpful tip from a cs rep that actually knew what she was doing. This was over the chat feature, but she suggested asking the rep what city your locals are coming out of after they say the change has been made. If they can't tell you, then they haven't completed the entire process. Since doing this we haven't had any more problems. Vicki
  15. Dish Service Address

    With the Hopper 3 we have been able to force the program guide download. We verify the locals have been changed and then turn off the receiver. After about 15-30 minutes we turn it back on and it will show the guide in the process of downloading. Usually we check after 15 minutes and it's downloading, but it can take up to 30 minutes. Just turn it back off. This has always worked for us. Vicki