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  1. Tricare for Life and Medicare

    If you are already receiving social security you will automatically be enrolled in Medicare when you become eligible. If you are not, then you will need to apply for both Medicare parts A and B about 2-3 months before you turn 65. I think you can do it online. If not drawing SS, you will have to choose how you will pay for the part B premiums until they can start withdrawing it from your SS. Tricare will automatically switch you to TFL once they receive notice of your enrollment in Medicare. I assume you have Express Scripts for medications so you don’t need a part D. TFL is a great supplement for Medicare! HTH - Vicki
  2. Just wanted to let Vicki know I got the folding step for the tire as suggested from Amazon.  It works well - both the truck and my SUV.  It looked well made, good welds, thick paint, came with covers so it would not scratch itself plus the carry bag.  Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!

  3. Guys' Christmas Wish List

    Something my husband loves for help getting into the back of the truck bed is a folding step that hooks onto the rear tire. It’s adjustable for different heights. He uses it every time we hitch or unhitch the fifth wheel. Hitchmate - TireStep from Amazon Vicki
  4. We stayed at Palmdale RV Resort in Los Fresnos, TX last winter for about 3 months and really enjoyed it. We selected that park because the sites are really big. They have lots of activities and a potluck once a week. They even plan field trips. There is also a heated pool and hot tub with water aerobics 2-3 times a day. They just paved all the streets while we were there last winter. The people were really great too. We felt very welcome. Just a few minutes drive from both Brownsville and South Padres Island. Vicki
  5. CLASS OF 2016

    We are currently in Rockport, Texas doing hurricane disaster relief but plan to be in Summerdale at the Rainbow Plantation mid-December until right after Christmas. Maybe we can meet up. Vicki
  6. Pulled the Trigger

    We shopped around and got quotes and checked out coverage from several extended warranty companies. Wholesale Warranty seemed to have the most complete coverage for the best price. We have had one claim so far and it went very well with no problems. Vicki
  7. RV shower head

    We bought one of the larger head Oxygenics shower heads for our RV and we really love it!
  8. Gas Grill Connection

    We have the Weber Q1200 and had to remove the regulator on the grill in order to use the quick connect line on our 5W. That was the only way we could get the correct pressures. It can be put back on if we want to use bottled lp but as we fulltime we don’t see that happening often or at all. Vicki
  9. The offer thru FROG was to join for a year and get two more months free. The $1 30 days trial came directly from RVgolfclub.com after we had emailed for more information. If you go to their website and do the same, you may eventually get the same offer. Hope you enjoy your new Cedar Creek!! Vicki
  10. We received an email from FROG (Forrest River Owner Group) endorsing them and with a special offer to join. We sent an email for additional information and after a while they finally sent a map showing the location of the golf courses, RV Resorts, and other resorts and clubs. Of course names and addresses weren't included. We keep receiving emails daily and have now received an offer for 30 day trial for $1 but as we are camp hosting until October we can't take them up on it now to try it out. We have not found anyone who has used them yet. Vicki
  11. Wholesale Warranty?

    I think it does, but I don't believe the coverage is as good as Coachnet and we already had it anyway before the warranty. Vicki
  12. Wholesale Warranty?

    We have Wholesale Warranties and have filed a claim. They were very good to work with and no problem paying. We checked out several companies and thought they had the best policy and price. We're happy with them. As far as roadside assistance, we use coachnet. Vicki
  13. Standalone Fifth Wheel Insurance

    We have specific full-time coverage with Progressive where we were able to specify the amount of coverage we wanted for additional personal belongings (15K). We did take out an additional umbrella liability policy just for peace of mind. Our truck is insured through a different company and Progressive had no problem insuring just the 5W. Vicki
  14. Tonneau - hard

    We bought one on Amazon that is compatible specifically with the Garmin GPS. We tried a cheaper one first and couldn't get it to work right. It's been awhile since we installed it. We already had the Garmin. I looked it up - it is the Garmin BC-20 camera. Vicki
  15. Tonneau - hard

    We have a hard fold up cover also. Mark mounted a backup camera aimed at the hitch that works with our Garmin RV760 GPS. He likes it really well and can hitch up the 5W without any assistance. Vicki