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  1. Rover

    Tricare suppliment

    I’m not sure what RV is referring to in regard to $3000, but I’ve been on Medicare and TFL for 10 years and haven’t paid any copays except for prescriptions from Express Scripts. Some years I didn’t even pay the Medicare deductible. TFL picked up everything. I did like it much better before Express Scripts raised the copay amounts. Some medications I pay more for now than what they cost Express Scripts but I guess it all balances out. I shouldn’t complain. With all of my health issues I am very thankful for the insurance we have. Vicki
  2. Rover

    Tricare suppliment

    I had a very good supplement to Tricare through USAA. It’s been a few years, before Obamacare, but at the time was not very expensive. It did have exclusions for prexesting conditions (which I don’t think is allowed now) that might make it more expensive now. You might check and see if they still offer it. The person eligible for membership in USAA has to join first I think before you can find out about the insurance, or maybe just before you enroll in the insurance. Good luck. Vicki
  3. Rover

    Slide topper

    We didn’t even ask what brand they installed. Assume it’s one of the major brands Camping World carries such as Carefree. They’ve worked fine for 3 years. Vicki
  4. Rover

    Slide topper

    We had slide toppers added at the dealership when we purchased our 5W. They didn’t have them from the manufacturer and we had them on our previous Class C so negotiated the toppers into the purchase. So yes, they can be installed after purchase. Vicki
  5. I have Apple phone and iPad, have an outdoor account, own my equipment and still can’t use the app. I’m not on pay as you go, but that’s not the reason they gave me. They said it’s because my equipment is a hopper 3 and that is marked as residential equipment and not usable in an RV so my account doesn’t qualify. Sounds like any excuse will do. I keep complaining in every survey about 2 to 3 times a week. Vicki
  6. Rover

    Where are you spending this summer?

    What are the hours you will be there? We are traveling Sunday but may arrive early enough that we could still visit after we get setup. We usually don’t plan anything else on travel days but would like to meet you too. Vicki
  7. Rover

    Where are you spending this summer?

    Hey Kirk, Looks like we will be in your area tomorrow. Planning to visit the Lewis and Clark Center on Monday. Will you guys be there? Visiting the Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile complex in Cooperstown today. Vicki
  8. Rover

    RF Mogul vs. Travl'r

    We’ve had the Winegard Travler for 2 years on this rig with only one problem that we fixed ourselves and had one on our previous C class for probably 6 years and I don’t remember ever having any problems. Love just pulling in and pushing a button. Vicki
  9. Rover

    How's the weather in your 'neighborhood' ?

    We are also in the Minneapolis area and can’t believe the forecast for Friday! We have been traveling up around the lakes in Michigan and Wisconsin and was enjoying the 70’s. We needed to find a campground to land at for a little over a week to get some packages and with the holiday in there, the one we ended up in near Minneapolis was the only vacancy I could find after calling many. Definitely would have preferred the Grand Marais area where the forecast was for 70 something today. 😉 Vicki
  10. Rover

    Where are you spending this summer?

    Sounds like a plan!
  11. Rover

    Where are you spending this summer?

    After attending Escapade, we have headed north and will be attending the Great Lakes Area Tri-Rally in Coldwater, MI. From there we plan to continue meandering north and west traveling mostly 2 lane hiways finding interesting stops along the way. We plan to make it to the Washington/Oregon area by early fall (Sept.) and then continue on south for some meetups in the California/Arizona area November thru January, of course with Quartzite in January. Vicki
  12. Rover

    Slide out awining

    We had a 12’ electric awning put on our slide by Shadepro at the Escapade Rally. They did say that a manual awning would be too heavy. We had talked about having one put on for quite some time and the price was less than we expected. We are so glad we got it done!! Keeps the RV so much cooler. Vicki
  13. Rover

    RV shower head

    We bought the larger adjustable Oxygenics shower head and it works great in our RV! Vicki
  14. Rover

    CLASS OF 2016

    Had a good time at the first timers social and got to meet Rav and his wife.
  15. Rover

    CLASS OF 2016

    We are here at Escapade too. No one else from our class has responded though. Have a pretty full schedule but can always find time to meet new friends!! Vicki and Mark