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  1. We have an outdoor account but still have to use chat to change locals because we are not “”pay-as-you-go” account. So I don’t think residential or outdoor makes any difference. Vicki
  2. Branson seems to be overrun with show choices and I know there are already some illusionists to choose from. Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg might be a good choice. The area has a few shows but not that many if you are there for more than a couple days or are a repeat visitor. It’s been too long since I’ve been to Wisconsin Dells for me to know what the entertainment looks like now up there, but I would still choose it last simply based on the shorter tourist season unless that appeals to you so you still have time to travel. Then it might be an excellent choice. From what I remember, almost all the entertainment centered around water parks and maybe some zip lines and go carts. Vicki
  3. Yes, you can put in a temporary address. The only problem I have had is there is a minimum amount of time the address has to be in effect for. I think it is 4 weeks. Since we usually don’t stay in one place very long, I leave my Express Scripts address as my “home “ address and just have the package forwarded with any other mail to wherever we are. I just make sure I stay enough ahead on refills. Vicki
  4. The VA sends his meds no problem. I don’t have a problem with Express Scripts paying for the non- formulary generic medications, it’s just the higher copays on them that I don’t like. 😬 Vicki
  5. Husband and I are in the same situation, he uses the VA and I have Medicare and TFL. He gets his medication at the pharmacy at the VA hospital (or the VA mails it to him) which I guess would not be the same as a base hospital? I just thought it was interesting that your wife could get her prescriptions filled for free. I take a lot of medication and with the copay increase from Express Scripts it adds up, especially since I have non-formulary and non-generic medications. I especially like when I have to pay more for the medication than what it cost Express Scripts! Would love to figure out how to fill some of them for free while still traveling. Vicki
  6. Be sure and visit the activities office and pick up their monthly newsletter and activity list. Lots of stuff going on at the park - concerts, dances, classes, excercising, and hiking and biking groups if you like that sort of thing. Vicki
  7. We just left Mesa Spirit RV Park in Mesa, AZ this morning. We had been there since December 1st. It is an Encore Park (although we are not members). We were surprised at the number of empty sites for this time of the year. It was our first time staying at that park or even in the area so we have nothing to compare it to. Very nice park though. Vicki
  8. Our 2015 with 4.10 rear end we can get 14-16 highway non-towing and maybe 12-14 other times. Towing an 18k 5W is around 8-9 on average. We wanted the 4.10 due to the size of our 5W.
  9. We had not owned a fifth wheel before going fulltime but had owned pop-ups, TT, a Class A and a Class C for 12 years. Even though I really liked the convenience when traveling in a MH, we really wanted the storage space and home feel of the fifth wheel for fulltime so we didn’t even look at MHs. After 3 years in our 5er, I thought it might be fun to just “check out” some DP MH at an RV show (in case we made the wrong choice- ha). We looked at many different units and manufacters, both DP and gas, new and used, and could not find any floor plans that had the must haves list that we had when we bought our 5W. Or any that I could live fulltime with now. So I guess my vote would still be 5W and truck. Vicki
  10. I have gotten two personal responses to my comments on the surveys in the past, but have stopped responding to them anyway since we move so often. But it does show that someone is reading at least some of them. Vicki
  11. The taxes you are charged on your account each month are based on your billing address so may be higher if they have changed it to your current service location. Of course it’s not a lot, but if you’re on a retirement fixed income, every little bit adds up. Vicki
  12. Hey ToddF, We are at Mesa Spirit right now too. It’s our first time at an Encore Park. This one is really nice. Lots of good activities. Vicki
  13. We met up with dirtyboots (Donna) today for a nice lunch in Congress, AZ. It was great to meet another member of the 2016 class and put a face to the name! She also gave us some great ideas of things to see while we are in the area. Vicki
  14. We had a Class C that had the latch system on the belts on the sofa. I don’t remember for sure, but I don’t think the dining booth seatbelts had latches. A car seat wouldn’t fit well there anyway. We did use a car seat and had no problem securing it. Vicki
  15. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Where are you staying in Wickenburg? We may be heading that way next week. Enjoying a turkey dinner today at the Pair-A-Dice SKP Park in Pahrump. Vicki
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