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  1. I have gotten two personal responses to my comments on the surveys in the past, but have stopped responding to them anyway since we move so often. But it does show that someone is reading at least some of them. Vicki
  2. The taxes you are charged on your account each month are based on your billing address so may be higher if they have changed it to your current service location. Of course it’s not a lot, but if you’re on a retirement fixed income, every little bit adds up. Vicki
  3. Rover

    Trails Collection...another gem

    Hey ToddF, We are at Mesa Spirit right now too. It’s our first time at an Encore Park. This one is really nice. Lots of good activities. Vicki
  4. Rover

    CLASS OF 2016

    We met up with dirtyboots (Donna) today for a nice lunch in Congress, AZ. It was great to meet another member of the 2016 class and put a face to the name! She also gave us some great ideas of things to see while we are in the area. Vicki
  5. Rover

    Class A RV and Car Seats

    We had a Class C that had the latch system on the belts on the sofa. I don’t remember for sure, but I don’t think the dining booth seatbelts had latches. A car seat wouldn’t fit well there anyway. We did use a car seat and had no problem securing it. Vicki
  6. Rover

    CLASS OF 2016

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Where are you staying in Wickenburg? We may be heading that way next week. Enjoying a turkey dinner today at the Pair-A-Dice SKP Park in Pahrump. Vicki
  7. I’d like to know this too. We just had bicycles stolen from the back of our RV while it was parked in a lot that is fenced with a locked gate at night and security patrolled 24 hours a day while we took a trip overseas. They cut the metal locked cables- 4 of them- and all the tie down straps. One bicycle was an expensive ergonomic electric bike and our policy limit for outside items is $500 per item and $1000 per incident! (Did not know this until after the theft) Even though we have a fulltimers policy and pay extra for $20,000 worth of personal property coverage. I had read the summary of coverage but not the full policy details. Had not been provided one. You can bet I have it now! Vicki
  8. Rover


    I am a prime member but most of my free books are just ones that are available to everyone. A lot of it will depend on the genre. Both me and DH like mysteries, thrillers and sci-fi so there has been a lot to choose from.
  9. Rover


    I have the kindle app on my phone and tablet but much prefer reading on my paperwhite. It is much easier on the eyes and very lightweight. But I second the recommendation of checking the library format first if he is set on using the library. Although I have to say I have gotten enough free books from amazon that I will never be able to read them all. I also subscribe to Bookbub and get suggestions for more free books every day. Vicki
  10. Rover

    Winegard Trav’elr

    Thanks Mark. I’m sure we have the SOLO hub now or our Hopper 3 and Joey wouldn’t be working. As we originally started with a Hopper 1 before going fulltime, we had the node first and that’s what I remembered from the original install. I’m glad you told me about the portable dish as I would have thought we needed to switch the LNBF head on it also. Thanks again for your help. Vicki
  11. Rover

    Winegard Trav’elr

    Mark, Just to clarify, we switch out the hybrid LNBF head with the regular one and add a DPH-42 switch. Do we leave the solo node in place or remove it? And I am assuming we would also switch out the LNBF on our portable dish also. Thanks so much for your help. Vicki
  12. Rover

    Franklin Furniture

    The leather (like?) material on our recliners in our 2015 Forest River is also peeling. But as all the mechanics still work and they are very comfortable, we decided to buy covers for them until something else comes up that would make us replace them. We got the covers from Amazon and they work really well. They have a non-slip backing that keeps them in place and are a soft almost velour type fabric. Figure it will give us a couple more years usage out of the recliners. Vicki
  13. Rover

    Winegard Trav’elr

    We are having problems with our Trav’ler seeking for long periods and often stowing itself a couple of times before it will lock on. And this is with absolutely no obstructions. I’d have to check, but since we’ve had the hopper 3 since 2016, I’m pretty sure we have the hybrid DPH LNBF head. We also had to put in a solo node. If we switched this out for the DPH-42 switch and regular head, does that also replace the node? And should help our seek and stowe problem? TIA Vicki
  14. Rover

    ATT Spark

    Technomedia has been following this and thus far their conclusion is the “Spark” has lots of limitations that really only makes it useful in a vehicle while traveling. The wifi shuts off 30 minutes after the vehicle is turned off and the plan can be terminated if it is used outside of the vehicle. Vicki
  15. Rover

    New RV tire changeover ?

    We did not ask for the tires to be changed when we bought new in 2015. (Actually didn’t think about it until later) Later found the tires were a year older than 5W (date code 2014) Had first blowout in 2017 (less than 2 years after purchase and 3 years age on tires) Replaced all tires with upgrades shortly after Vicki