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  1. Ok thanks everyone. Guess we will just deal with whatever we can get. Vicki
  2. We’ve had our Trav’ler for 4 years and have had very little problems with it. But now it seems to work but just will not lock onto the satellites. Mark (DH) says we are just too far north but seems to me if you can see the satellites in the app using your phone, shouldn’t the dish on top of the RV be able to see them? I just can’t believe we have to go the entire summer while in Alaska and Canada without using the Dish. Vicki
  3. Al, Did you have any problems with your Trav’ler? The last 2 days we have only been able to get 119 and we had no obstruction of any kind. App shows all 3 satellites visible. Wineguard had no suggestions for troubleshooting. Vicki
  4. Zulu, that’s a nice website, thanks. The Sacramento CONUS locals worked. We switched to them today. Thanks for the list Dutch. Vicki
  5. I added on to Mark’s original post above about the problem with our Trav’ler but then thought that if others are like me and just use the “unread content” feature, they wouldn’t see the edit to the post. So if you would take a look again at the problem and have any suggestions that would be great. We decided to stay an extra day to see if we can get it working. Thanks - Vicki
  6. Looking for a way to change the setting or finding different Dish Satellites while traveling through Canada and Alaska. We are just about 700 kilometers into Canada and the Trav’ler is only finding satellite 119. I understand maybe not finding 129 but it’s not finding 110. Can I get any suggestions? Thanks edit to add: has anyone run into this problem of the dish only locking onto one satellite? Looking at the app Satellite Pointer all 3 satellites are visible in the sky and can’t see any reason the dish shouldn’t be able to lock on them. Checked connections at dish on roof and control box. Tried to troubleshoot with Wineguard and they were no help.
  7. It worked for the New York one but we are in AB Canada and the east coast time is just not working out. Haven’t got to change to a west coast address yet because we are having Dish problems with our Travelr and couldn’t get locked on last night. Winegard pretty much blew us off this morning saying they won’t help us while we are in Canada or Alaska. So will start a different thread with problem to see if anyone has some ideas.
  8. Does anyone know of any Dish Network locals on a national feed (CONUS) from the west coast? I know about New York, Jacksonville and Ft. Wayne but I need something in a later time zone. I have checked the website that lists all the locals but I don’t know how to tell if they are CONUS or just spot beam. TIA for any help. Vicki
  9. We have kindles and Amazon Prime. I subscribe to Bookbub listing the genres we’re interested in reading and they send a daily link of free or discounted books each day. Between that and the Prime free first of month pick I have more books than I will ever be able to read. But if I did run out there is also Prime reading where you can borrow books to read from a list that constantly changes. Besides the 2 day shipping, this is one of the additional benefits I like with Prime. Vicki
  10. We held 2 garage sales but did better with the larger items by listing them separately. People wanted us to give them away at the garage sales. We did sell a lot of things but were practically giving things away by the second sale. Vicki
  11. We lived in a small town so there really wasn’t a local Craigslist for us and I’d never had much luck listing things in the one for the larger city near us. Our community did have a buy and sell Facebook page that we had good results with for large items like furniture and appliances. Even just posting them on my own FB page seemed to get pretty good results but again that could be attributed to it being a small community. Vicki
  12. We had a small vendor discount and got our Battle Born 100ah batteries for $925 each. We just had one of them we purchased 2 years ago repaired and shipped back to us free of charge by Battle Born. They were very responsive when we contacted them and emailed us the label to ship them the battery with them paying the shipping. They said they would fix or replace the battery and they did! Great service and warranty! Vicki
  13. We have an outdoor account but still have to use chat to change locals because we are not “”pay-as-you-go” account. So I don’t think residential or outdoor makes any difference. Vicki
  14. Branson seems to be overrun with show choices and I know there are already some illusionists to choose from. Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg might be a good choice. The area has a few shows but not that many if you are there for more than a couple days or are a repeat visitor. It’s been too long since I’ve been to Wisconsin Dells for me to know what the entertainment looks like now up there, but I would still choose it last simply based on the shorter tourist season unless that appeals to you so you still have time to travel. Then it might be an excellent choice. From what I remember, almost all the entertainment centered around water parks and maybe some zip lines and go carts. Vicki
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