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  1. It's official. We moved into our fifth wheel full time last night. House is sold but closing was delayed. We decided to go ahead and move out. Parked in a wonderful county park for now. Started planning September 2014. Thank goodness for having the time to take this in small steps.
  2. Congratulations Cheryl, We have similar good news to report as well. After much effort and considerable emotions we got our house ready for sell. Sold in three days for slightly more than asking price. New would be owners wanted to move in August 8th but we asked to push closing off until August 26th. We are on the road traveling and will be home just long enough for the final sale of possessions and moving stuff to a small (10x5) storage unit. We are going to domicile in Texas. Although I'll be at my current job until maybe the first of October, I figure we will join Escapees as soon as possible and get our mail service setup. Hoping we can travel around for a couple months then head to Livingston to finish off the residency stuff such as driver license and insurance. Got to find a local doctor as well.
  3. Thanks. I wish the house was at 100% of what I wanted it to be when it goes on the market but it will be close enough. If our schedule works out we will be away on a camping trip the first two weeks it's on the market thereby giving the relators free run of the place to include us not having to move the dogs out. Around here they are also selling quickly. Congrads on your sale! I figure once it sells there will be a 30 to 45 day closing period, although our last house way back in 2003 sold in two days and we had to be out in two weeks. Got the fifth wheel and a place to park it so we are hoping we have to move into it early Good luck getting that class B purchases ASAP. Mark from Missouri
  4. Welcome to the group ROUS! Many of us here are not yet fulltimers. Keep us posted on your progress so we can learn from it and also share the successes. Karen and I are working hard to get our home on the market which is a big hurdle we can't wait to climb over. The rest seems so easy from then on.
  5. Congrads on the house! We are struggling to get everything ready to put in on the market. So much to do with so little time. We just want it looking its best rather than fixing stuff while waiting for closing. For full time vs long stays. I'd think the personal property you would have in the trailer would be the same for the most part but there is going to be items you leave at home normally that you will take if it's permanent. Even the small stuff adds up. Cargo capacity is important.
  6. We picked up our 35' fifth wheel from the dealership two weeks ago. Getting ready to put the house on the market. Realtor wants to get it listed by June but I'm not sure if we can get it ready by then. Downsizing is going well. We are content just to get on the road full time by the end of September and hoping everything falls in place. Wife is retired and I'm looking to by October 4th. Just taking small bites out of everything that needs to be done but boy it is challenging. Good luck in the house sale
  7. Here's hoping for a quick sale for you guys!!!! We are preparing our house to go on the market the first of June. They are selling fast in our city, sometimes the same day. I suppose keeping it show ready is relative to a lot of factors such as the number of people living there (like kids) and pets. I've sold a few with us living in it which is a hassle if it stays on the market long because you have to be gone when they show it. If I'm understanding our realtor correctly, she is planning an open house right at the beginning. That's when the house should look it's best. So Plan A is sell to someone that already wants it and is waiting for it to go on the market or at the initial open house. And plan B would be to keep living in it until it sells. BUT Plan C is possible for us in that we are picking up our fifth wheel Monday and can live in it while the house is on the market. We just don't want the added cost of campgrounds so we are planning just to roll with whatever works and see how it goes. By the sale, our realtor expects to stage the house with some furniture. We will be down to living in the living room, kitchen, one bedroom and a bath. That's not that much to cleanup each day, especially as the bathroom is attached to the bedroom. Our last house that sold we rented a storage unit and put as much in it as possible during the sale.
  8. Yup, not that we are getting everything but wanted to keep some notes on stuff we might add over the next few years.
  9. Excellent points! The spreadsheet I forwarded was compiled over about four years. I added to it when folks recommended items. I suspect I'll eventually wait on many of the purchases. Reading ideas you and other's have can change one's mind. I'm hoping prioritizing items will make a difference. Good point about the heated hose. I suspect we will run off our large fresh water if we find ourselves accidently in below freezing temps. We are getting a 4 season trailer with heated tanks and such. For the most part we are starting out with the basics and see how it goes. An exception is a portable generator vs. a built in for example. We already knew from prior RV experience how we use a generator so decided to free up some front basement space and go with the portable. Even skipped the generator prep when we ordered the trailer. Saved some $$. Appreciate everyone's comments...
  10. Don't forget about etrailer.com Sometimes you can go there and compare. Their website appears to have reduced a lot of the decisions down to a couple selections in any category.
  11. I have a spreadsheet for all our stuff we looked to buy. I attached it. The items in green we already have. It's prioritized. Awesome Class A by the way. Beautiful color. Items to Purchase for Publication.xlsx
  12. So you already cut your domicile over to Texas? Did you have to take the driving and written test in Texas, which I believe is required for a license if you are over 26,000 gross weight capacity for truck and trailer? I would assume you just took your existing trailer down their and had it for inspection to get tags and such. For us, the plan is to retire first week of October and take off. Hopefully we will be living in the fifth wheel by then after house sale. I plan to setup mail service before then. Still working on the logistics. I'm trying to avoid make a straight trip to our domicile state but rather spending a month or two traveling as we work our way there.
  13. Getting the house on the market is huge! Congratulations on that. I like your user name. We bought a slightly used 2018 Ram 3500 as well. I figure the resale value of a 2018 will go up several thousand dollars after the 2019 prices show up. The longer we work on our house to sell the more I tend to feel some things are good enough (such as the yard, room painting). Sixteen years ago we built this one and the house we moved from sold in two days. I've always painted ours before the sale, outside and inside. Always wondered if the new owners came in and painted everything again. I'm hiring a handyman for a couple days. Together we should be able to get a long way to the final push with details such as trim I never put on the room addition. I put the word out two years ago or so that we would be selling. Karen is in charge of selling the house and got with a realtor a couple months ago. Yesterday at Walmart a guy stopped and asked if we were the ones that are selling the house on Seybold Street. Karen invited him and family out to play on our trails in woods. That's a good sign. Ordered the new fifth wheel last month and understand the build date may be as soon as mid-April. Karen and I sat down and took a look at our schedules through October when we plan to hit the road. Lots of traveling to do before then. Family stuff mostly before we head south for the winter. Are you buying much accessories before you pickup your new home? Or just going with the starter kit and adding on as you go? Did you pick a domicile?
  14. I have really appreciated the comments in this thread. Thank you to the original poster for starting the dialogue and all the experienced folks adding so much. As someone who is planning to fulltime, all this is very interesting and reaffirms my commitment to living the fulltime lifestyle. My wife and I are planning to take off in October of this year. We have been planning since September of 2014. I’ll not comment about her reasons for wanting to go fulltime but will say there has not been one moment since we made the decision that either has changed our opinion. And we both came to an agreement if one of us would later want to leave the fulltime RV lifestyle then we would give the other six months notice. For me, it’s time for a change in life and not a small one. I’m 56 years old and still have enough health to handle the rigors of the road. I’ve experienced everything I wanted to in our current home and town. Going fulltime, or even buying this costly rig, is the worst financial decision I’ve ever made. If I look at it only as a financial decision, I’d not do it. Not to be morbid, but I see death all the time in my job as a death investigator. This effects my views of life. I’ll not go into the details because I’d most likely have to defend my views which would be difficult to do. Life is short for sure... My wife and I are in a good place right now in terms of finances, with everything paid off and saving more than half of what we earn. Although we are persons of average means. It’s time for a change and we are able to do it in a big way. We are young enough that there is plenty of time to change course again later. In fact, we already have several ideas of what we would like to do should we decide to come off the road. We set a goal to stay on the road for six years. It does not matter to us if we achieve the goal or not. It was just a way of helping us to plan. For example selecting a fifth wheel we would want to live in for that long and guestimating what our financial situation might look like in six years if we were to want to make another big change. We all have our reasons for wanting to do this and I can safely bet those reasons are very similar. I’m glad it’s not for everyone and hope the industry grows to meet the ever increasing demand of those going fulltime or just RVing. I’d say if someone is on the fence about doing this then get an RV and travel as much as possible. But two-week vacations might not be enough to assure this is doable. So have a backup plan in case it does not work out. I never expected to stay in this house nor want to take care of the land in retirement. So, it’s a good time to sell out and move on. The possessions we don’t want to part with will be confined to a storage unit that is no larger than 5x10. The rest of the possessions don’t matter, we can buy them again at the same places where we sold them so cheaply.
  15. I can't tell you the difference in MPG other than I came to the conclusion, based on what other's told me, that between the 3.73 and 4.10 it will average out if used as a daily driver as well. One is better for running around town unloaded and one is better when towing. I just bought our 2018 Ram dually with 3.73, and the high output engine came with the Aisin transmission. Friends have the same truck with a 4.10 and 3.73. I would have been fine with either 3.73 or 4.10 but we are using it for a daily driver as well. We will be towing a trailer with a GVWR of 16,000. Or course you have to check the towing charts to make sure you are okay with whatever engine, transmission, gear setup you go with. I would have definitely gotten the 4.10 gears if I had not purchased the Aisin transmission for a 16,000 trailer based off the towing charts. Also leaves room for a heavier trailer upgrade and add a margin of safety.
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