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  1. Senior Paas and the Great Outdoors

    maybe you can find a gal with a motorhome that also fishes. you could use your tent for outdoor activities???
  2. Colorado Boondocking-Free BLM and State Campsites

    thanks for info for big bend. we'll probably meander towards faywood hot springs,n.m. north of deming. they are a passport america park. stayed there for a week last spring. nice out of the way park,hot springs,etc. might pass up on bb. 33 footer
  3. Colorado Boondocking-Free BLM and State Campsites

    working on our 3rd week here. still not much rv traffic. great spot for stargazing. no traffic noise. will stay for a bit as we don't want to head to rio grande valley too soon.
  4. toilet issue

    it is a thetford toilet with the side pedal. other forum suggested using plumbers silicone grease. did that and it seemed to improve for a bit. will have to go on thetford site and check out the schematics to see if a spring is involved. thanks
  5. Colorado Boondocking-Free BLM and State Campsites

    check out the san luis wildlife area north of alamosa,co. not true boondocking. free camping, free 50 amp service, covered picnic tables, fire rings, vault toilets. free dump station, but they have no water on site. about 15 miles west of the great sand dunes national park. we use our senior pass for free entry to dump and refill our fresh water. over 70 well spaced campsites. supposed to be a 14 day limit, but i've seen no one to push this. most rvers i've seen here in 10 days has been 5 others.
  6. Fred

    i use maguires wash and wax. does a nice job. walmart carries it
  7. toilet issue

    the ball valve on my toilet closes slowly. i use my foot to manually close it. what can i do to get it to close normally?
  8. it's probably been asked before, but is there a reasonably priced booster for verizon jet packs and phone systems? we spend a lot of time in wilderness areas and sometimes it would be handy to have
  9. High quality tire pressure gauge?

    i have a digital and a standard gauge, but i set us up with a tpms system. to me that's the most reliable way
  10. lakewood, new mexico

    anybody going by carlsbad, new mexico should stop by the ranch escapees park. nice facility and great folks
  11. ok. i mispoke when i said the dmv. wisconsin uses the dmv.all one department.regardless of the department name, all i am saying we could not use our livingston address for our home address. as soon as we get our licenses in the mail, we will change our address on them to livingston. forgot to mention that when we had to get a statement from our bank, they had to change our accounts to show our address as the rv park we are living in. after we got our drivers licenses, we went back to the bank to change it back to livingston. as stated above, fingerprints and eye test. i appreciate they do that. don't want a blind criminal driving my house down the road. like i said it was a hassle. felt like the tiger jumping thru the fire hoops. after the show was done, i went back to my home and ate a piece of meat, put up my feet and had a couple cocktails. now i am a texan
  12. i know i can change my address online, but my point was that my escapees address would not be recognized at the dmv office. i was under the impression that texas would accept this address. am i wrong to think that or did the dmv in aransas pass drop the ball? it was a hassle.
  13. just finished registering yesterday . 2002 toyota rav4 and a 2008 monaco monarch 33sfs. costs-- $665.00. had a helluva time getting our drivers licenses. tried to use our escapees postal address and that was not accepted as proof of residency. we have had this since june. currently we are in an rv park in rockport, tx. they would not accept our receipts for our monthly rent from that park. had to get a statement from our new bank in texas. after 3 trips running around to find something they would accept, they would not let us use our livingston address for our home address on our licenses, instead we had to list the rv park . so, after we get our permanent licenses, we will try to get a change of address on our id's to show livingston as our home. anyone else have to jump thru all these hoops?