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  1. We found a spot in AJ at El Dorado Mobile Estates on Meridian just north of the Apache Trail. Nice place with a big site and about 1/3 the cost of the big resorts. Jim's brother is moving us tomorrow. Thanks to all.
  2. Thanks again, friends. We have decided to try to find a place in the East Valley because that's where I have family and all our Dr's are located, including the Gilbert CBOC where my PCP is located. We've got leads on a couple places but have not finalized a place yet. I just need a simple RV park, but those are hard to find in the Phoenix area. All these big "resorts" want $1200 per month or more! I made the initial reservation at the closest place I could find to where we are on the West Side, thinking I might be able to make the move myself. It quickly became obvious that was not happening. Jim's brother is on board, and is one who suggested I try to find something out in the AJ area where they are staying. So it looks like things are still on track. It's just a matter of nailing down some details. Thanks again, all.
  3. It looks like you guys have come through again. Jim's brother has volunteered to come move it for us Monday. Thanks to all of you who responded, both in email and private messaging. Good to know we can always count on each other.
  4. Many of you don't remember me, but I am one of the early adopters of the HDT. I bought my 2000 770 in October of 2004, and have been using it ever since to pull our 2002 Teton. That Teton has been our only home since 2002. Jack, Mark, Rocky and some of the other early guys remember me I hope. I attended one of the HDT Rally's and spent several weeks in the same RV Park as Rocky in 2012. After traveling the country from Florida to Alaska, California to Maine, and just about everywhere in between, the past few years we have settled into boondocking in the Yuma/Quartzsite area in the winter, and spending our summers volunteering for the Forest Service in Northern Arizona for 6 months, and spending time with kids in Texas and Tennessee in the fall. It has become a very comfortable life. Or it was. In early 2015 I found I had lymphoma (thank you Agent Orange) and it took quite a bit out of me to fight it off and get back to normal. The doctors at the Phoenix VA Hospital saved my life. Then, just after Christmas this year we left TX to head for Yuma. Both of us came down with what we thought was a cold along the way. We stopped overnight on Jan 1 at RV Glass Solutions in Tolleson so they could fix a cloudy window the following day. They have a couple electric sites for overnight customers. I got very sick that night and by morning was unable to get out of bed. (The people at RV Glass Solutions have been amazingly kind. They have allowed us to stay as long as we need. Really great people.) By Thursday I had not improved and went to the ER. They tested and said I had the flu, started me on Tamiflu and said to come back if it did not improve. I returned Sunday morning and was admitted to the hospital. It had turned into a very serious case of pneumonia. My lymphoma compromised immune system could not fight it off well. I was released from the hospital yesterday with the need for oxygen so I now have a rig full of oxygen bottles and an oxygen concentrator. I am so weak that just getting myself to the bathroom exhausts me. Obviously we need to move and will not be leaving the area for a while. We are good at water and waste management, but we are getting close to needing to dump. I have located an RV space in El Mirage just a few miles from here. It is a very nice (expensive!) resort, but it was all I could find. RV spaces in the Phoenix area rent up months in advance for the winter. The space is available on the Monday the 15th, and I need someone to help me move the rig. I am hoping that there is someone in the area who would be willing to help me with the move. I will be useless for anything by some direction, but my wife knows most of it. She can handle the trailer part of moving, but she cannot handle the truck at all. The Volvo has a Gen 2 Autoshift. I has an air hitch and air over hydraulic Blue Dot brakes. Unfortunately, the available space is a back in, and I don't know how tight it will be. I can put this trailer in anyplace it will fit, but I've had over 13 year of practice with it. If there is someone who would be willing to help, I will be forever grateful. My phone number is 940-453-8788 but email will work better since talking wears me out. My email is Richard at RichardLafferty dot com. Thanks for any help you can give.
  5. My brother change from an Unlimited AT&T plan to the new Verizon plan yesterday. He tried the hotspot tonight and it works fine.
  6. I would not put much faith in this exercise. On one of our computers my wife and I consistently score in the 20-30 range. On the other computer we score in the 50-60 range. Obviously the computer you are using has more to do with the results than the exercise itself.
  7. The Escapees Park (Raccoon Valley) in Heiskell. I wouldn't stay anyplace else.
  8. There has to be a capacitor and what you are describing is a perfect example of a failed one. Get the manual for your unit and locate the capacitor. Replace it with a Supco SPP6 that you can find on Amazon for under $10.
  9. There is also a distinct possibility that the start capacitor in the air conditioner has failed or is failing. Replacements only cost $10 or so and can make a huge difference. Some of the replacement capacitors available are even an improvement over the original. The start capacitor stores up and releases power during the start cycle so as to reduce the maximum amount of current needed to start the unit. I recently noticed that my unit was starting slowly and making a "groaning" noise. Replacing the start capacitor fixed it.
  10. You don't have to change the dish or the LNB. Direct installers have a box called the SWM 8 Multiswitch. It accepts the two lines from the existing dish and outputs a SWM signal on a single cable. You will also need a power inserter. The Direct installer had everything needed and installed for me with no issues. The SWM signal is what you will need for any new DVR or receiver. Google SWM 8 and you will find lots of information, including many folks who want to sell you one. Direct provided everything I needed at no cost when I upgraded to a new DVR.
  11. OK. I will contact you by e-mail. For those who are following, I will come back and report the results when the issue is resolved. I know there are many who are very interested.
  12. Yes, the antennas are both mounted correctly, and no, I see no change whatsoever regardless of how close or far away I hold the phone from the downward pointing ceiling antenna. This morning the signal strength is bouncing between -100 dBm and -120 dBm. and occasionally the phone falls back to 1x. Remember that I am able to acquire a good 4G signal here with the Wilson Cradle and the exterior antenna in the exact same spot. Obviously something is not right.
  13. Gord, I received my kit today and installed it. Sadly, it does not seem to be working. I am in a marginal Verizon area where I get spotty 3G service without any amplifier. I've been here for several months and have been using a Wilson cradle that gives me a very decent 4G signal, but of course requires leaving my phone in the cradle. I was really looking forward to not needing to do that and being able to use both my Samsung S4 and my wife's S7 at the same time. My S4 has unlimited data and I use it as a hotspot for all our internet needs. I used the same magnetic cookie sheet base plate for the Max-Amp magnetic antenna as I have been using for the Wilson magnetic antenna. Of course I removed the other antenna and powered that amp off. All the required separation is exceeded significantly.There is about 20 feet of horizontal and 3 feet of vertical separation. The green light comes on immediately upon plugging it in but there is absolutely no difference in dBm regardless of whether I stand directly under the interior antenna or 20 feet away. There is no change whether the amp is powered on or not. I get the same poor 3G signal and approximately -100dBm. Neither phone will acquire a 4G signal like they will if I place them in the Wilson cradle. Obviously something is not working correctly. What do I need to do?
  14. Have you checked for proper gas pressure? A bad regulator can cause some strange problems. I recently was involved in diagnosing a refer that cooled on electric but not on gas, even though there was a nice flame. I checked the gas pressure and found it was only 7". Replacing the regulator solved the problem. Much hotter flame and the refer cools like it should.
  15. A couple days ago one of my 15 year old Dometic Penguin heat pumps stopped working completely. No fan, no nothing. I turned off the breaker and pulled the cover from the electronics compartment. I checked for 120V power by turning on the breaker while I tested it, I then checked that the 3 amp fuse on the control board was good and that I was getting 12V through it. Finally I unplugged and reattached all the connections on the circuit board. Presto! It works. After all these years it could be as simple as re-seating all the connections. They can build up corrosion in time. Its worth a try and very inexpensive.
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