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  1. Hit a pot hole and rim damaged. Rim is 12 Spoke 15 x 5.5 TIA
  2. Hit a pot hole and rim damaged. Rim is 12 Spoke 15 x 5.5
  3. We have a rumbling/vibration from the radiator fan. Has anyone replaced the radiator fan? Did you use dealer or after market fan? Any tips on installing it?
  4. We have SD DirecTV at the house which we use in the RV when travelling. The RV has a KVH TracVision L3/S3 antenna. We are planning on upgrading to DirecTV HD Genie which includes installing new HD antenna at home. I asked AT&T/DirecTV if the HD Genie would work with the SD TracVision antenna (I don't expect HD quality TV). After a week checking with their Tec Support they still don't have an answer. Is anyone using HD Genie in their RV with SD antenna?
  5. AC stopped blowing cold air. Trying to get to the AC fill connections behind the grill. I tried flat blade putty knife. Is there a special tool to remove the grill?
  6. I received the following message from AT&T: "Your automotive Wi-Fi data usage this month has reached 16.5GB. If you exceed 22GB before your next cycle on 06/02/2017, you can still use unlimited data however your speeds may be reduced at times and in areas with network congestion. To check your data use visit att.com/myatt or call 866.344.7584 for more info." Anyone received this?
  7. autoshift

    Smart Car Bed

    Looking for a shop to do the chassis extension & build the Smart car bed. I checked the Resource Guide but it seems it has not been updated recently as Henry is still listed as being in New Hampshire. We are located in the Philadelphia area. Can anyone recommend a shop on the east coast?
  8. The living room slideout seal on our Teton has seperated from the trailer flange. Teton did not seal the top of the seal. Rain entered and caused the metal clasps inside the seal to rust. Has anyone replaced these seals and do you have a manufacture and part numbers?
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