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  1. good advise.. as a matter of fact I was contacted by a guy with an elite connection membership to sell.. I used his name and got becky on the phone to get the scoop,, all legit.. I did a offer that included transfer fee of $750 I offered and he accepted $4k for the membership which i found out had 5 of the get-a-way cabins left of the 10 yr deal.. also found out it was first a national TT membership, which is similar the new zone pass, without the zone limits less the Mid Atlantic and ODW parks which put the total at 60 vs 81. It still carries the 14 day in and 7 out requirement, So when we cant travel and want to sell it we have something to sell I guess.. thanks for all the insight but for now I believe I have one on the line..
  2. I was reading and heard about the Thousand Trails camping membership and was interested in seeing if any one had one for sale.. mainly looking for the 21 day park to park type. I understand there is a $750 transfer fee to be paid as well. looking for something called Elite connections at start with. thanks
  3. Was reading a blog of a full time couple we follow that has been doing the fall rush at Amazon at the Kentucky location for the past 4 yrs. According to info they were getting from amazon campersforce folks would not be starting till mid Oct. vs starting late Aug or First of Sept.. that mean at best you might get 9-10 weeks of work and they were looking for more. Accordingly she indicated they would not be going to amazon this year.
  4. roger that Jim, thank for the update. good to know Kev is still alive.. have a good one
  5. Hey jim do you know if kevin is still working at SCC or not.. Have not heard anything from him in a while. Know he was traveling more and had gotten out of airstream into house near atlanta but thus far no more info.. is Southern Cross still hiring or needing folks to work.. thanks carl
  6. WOW 2 weeks notice is rather quick for sure.. Please be sure to keep us informed as to how this plays out.. good luck!!!
  7. I think closing and locking door if you are going to be away for a large amount of time is a good idea. locking is easy as well.. as for grills tables etc you can get a long cable type thing with loops and loop around the good stuff and through a wheel rim to anchor.. I know there is a young couple we follow,, drivin and vibin, https://drivinvibin.com/ They have a honda gennie that get locked up every time it comes out.. (they have a bad habit of walking off and getting lost ) most of the thefts in story could have been avoided with a locked drawer or safe for teams to put valuables in.
  8. WOW nice place but 85K for a lot is sorta pricey for me.. how about Sunscape in Casa Grand?
  9. In the latest issue (mar 2017, V12, #3) of "The Costco Connection" there is an article about Costco members and their unique dwellings. Plus on the cover is a picture of the Curren Family (5 people) with there 2008 27FT Airstream Travel trailer. http://www.costcoconnection.com/connection/201703?pg=1#pg1 rest of article on page 31. The reason for this post is to see if: 1.) does or do Costco's allow ONP at club locations, and 2.) if not how can we, Costco members in RV's, send a message to Costco that this would be a great benefit for traveling public that happen to travel in RV's. I know this is a long shot but I think a small effort can be a big event if we get folks that when at a local costco seek out the manager and ask them about costco policy and how it woiuld nice to have that ability when traveling either full time or when on vacation with RV going from place being able to shop and stay for a night if needed.. lets see how this goes.
  10. hey Jim you get the PM i sent couple days ago..?? thanks
  11. thanks Todd... from your experience are most jobs 40 hrs a week and is there any over time to be had? seem like the hr rate is higher I remember seeing or hearing $10.50 so that is good. 250 for per Diem wouild be nice..
  12. hey todd,' I was emailing with Kevin for a while before he got the "new position" when he posted on airfourms.com workkamper the opportunity he was doing and was letting the community know about. At the time they, Southern Cross, was looking for folks to join the "traveler" program like what he was doing at the time.. Our current plan is to go full time in some 3ish yrs, one kid in college to graduate in 3 yrs. I try to stay in contact with Kevin to say hello and see how he and rest of crew is doing now in atlanta.. He mentioned a lot of traveling, not in airstream, for work and the new stuff they are getting into with elec meters and such.. Sounds like a lot to do going forward. So do you have any news on project and such with the company.. also has the pay, weekly per Diem, and travel rates changed? what are current rates for this ? thanks carl
  13. good news with house under contract.. now for the closing then its a done deal.. one thought if you are buying a 250K RV and worrying about how much taxes you might pay or how much the weight of the unit will cost in one state vs another etc.. I would suggest you look for something less expensive, ie lighter weight, lower cost, in the 100-125K range and use the remaining 150K or to pay taxes and weight cost and go out FT not having to worry about money.. justsayin.
  14. i tried to access the website listed for the unlimited 3g and it appears to be off line. anyone know what is going on with this stuff?
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