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  1. After watch a few of those trailer dancing videos, adding excessive weight to the back would not be the smartest thing to do anyway. I think I'll either add one just for my bike or pontoon boat... both less than 50 lbs.
  2. Your replies are refreshing to hear. We're still adjusting from having lived near a very large PNW city. I will skip the stow door lock upgrade.
  3. The TT we just purchased has single key locks on one side with a non-lock latch on the opposite. Certainly anyone that really wants into an RV stow bay door will likely gain access, but these just seem to be a bit on the too easy side. While I'm doing a little searching on DIY upgrades, I thought I'd ask the forum about it.
  4. LOL. Thanks.
  5. When you refer to Good Sam, do you mean Woodall's North American book (or one of the regional versions)? Regarding the regional versions, are they just the same information, but only for those states (smaller book)?
  6. Does anyone still use the old paperback campground/RV Park directories and, if so, which one? Our smart phones are a bit on the low end of the latest and greatest... no, I take that back, they may be THE low end. Is Woodall's still considered the best directory? It looks like they are owned by Good Sam and you can get a discount on them if you are a member. We haven't yet joined any of the RV Clubs, but I have a prior thread in which many offered their advice on those.The 2017 edition is available from Amazon for $20. While we'll certainly try and use our cell phones to make reservations while in route, we like the idea of having a current edition of whatever is commonly considered the best "old school" method of getting campground information.
  7. The rims on our StarCraft are aluminum and I was not able to locate any stamped information on maximum psi rating (looked on both sides). I did see that Power King offers my size tires in both 'D' and 'E' rating. It appears a couple of the other most common ST brands also offer these higher ratings. For the added capacity and, hopefully some improved road survival, I plan to buy the highest capacity available. It's odd that the DOT does not require load capacity reserve be built into RV tires. It's more likely that loads would be exceeded on RV's than cars IMHO.
  8. Looking at the OEM tire type/load chart placard got me to wondering about the legality of not using an ST series tire. If one opted to change to LT series for instance, and the RV was in an accident, might not having the specified tires installed be one of those "minor little details" an insurance company and/or lawyers use against you... even if you had equal to or better load rating?
  9. Great call Tireman9. Indeed the tire sticker/placard shows ST205/75R15 for axles and spare. I spoke with StarCraft and they provide these TT's as delivered with that size tire. Either the previous owner had an issue and changed it out or the RV outfit is on the hook. Either way, that is something that needs to be reconciled... only wish I had caught this at checkout. I do note that these Power King tires are "made in China". More reading on various forums may have these in the "tire bomb" group? They are DOT 83B3 GPB 0714 DY. Outwardly they look fine, but as I mentioned in another post, the trailer does not appear to have had too many miles put on it. Guess I'll just keep a close vigil, keep my speed to 65 mph, and wait to hear which tires Kirk ends up buying before getting replacements .
  10. Our StarCraft cam with Power King Tow Max STR II radials. I just noticed the spare, same brand/model is a 14" instead of the 15" on the axles. I missed this at the purchase/delivery. Speaking with the RV outfit, they said it was not uncommon to have a smaller spare... what... does this sound correct to you? I said that concerned me and they offered to replace it, but we're almost 4 hours drive away. Still need to work this out. I'm not seeing much good or bad press about these tires. If I end up buying another rim and tire, I feel like it should be the same brand/series... but perhaps buy a better tire and match the eventual replacements to that....thoughts?
  11. The Yamaha 2400 EF2400i literature states that it is designed for this use. Our StarCraft TT is a 2015 with a Coleman Mach AC. "This model boasts High Current output which is designed specifically to increase motor starting capability and to improve air conditioner starting. This High Current model starts most high efficiency 13,500 btu AC in temperatures up to 110° F." I like the Honda 2000 (just looked at them yesterday), but I'm not seeing that they are rated to run these size AC's. The paired/parallel option is great except for the cost. Any Yamaha users who can confirm suitability for running AC (with refer and hot water using propane)?
  12. I was thinking about one for my pontoon boat which weighs about 50 lbs.
  13. Do you have a rear bumper storage rack/deck on your TT? If so, which one do you have and what do you stow on it? My TT does not have a built in 2" x 2" hitch receiver and I would need to install one of the clamp/bolt on receiver to the bumper. Some of these extend out and would appear to have a high moment load - especially when road conditions bounce things around. I've seen a couple set-ups with truck bed tool boxes mounted which offers some moderate level of securing items being stowed. Interested in hearing what others are using. Thanks.
  14. After looking at the various options, I elected to go with the Blue Ox (ours a 750#). Bretz RV in Billings, MT is who we purchased the TT from and they sell lots of them. Their sales and parts folks highly recommended the Blue Ox over the other two they carried; this based on customer feedback. I would really need to drive this same TT with the other competing hitch systems to ever know what if any difference. Blue Ox has a pretty good name in the TOAD haul systems, so I felt like this choice was a pretty safe one.
  15. This was one of the "advertised" features about the Autumn Ridge series that caught my attention as well. We just purchased a 2015 245DS with the Climate Package. It is stated to provide R-24 floor, R-19 walls, and R-22 roof. What's interesting is that this series of TT's are available in both aluminum and composite sidewall construction and there is no mention as to these insulation values being different depending on sidewall material. Since there is no standard industry test used by RIVA for validating these claims, I'm simply hopeful it's better than average.