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  1. There is a reason insurance companies are a great long term stock investment. They simply pass their costs to maintain profit level as the years roll along. A 44% increase seems ridiculous to me and I'd be shopping around for a new insurance if they're not willing to reduce.
  2. Well, part of the issue is that most of us are wanting top quality and rock bottom price. This has been the trend across many market segments and amplified by the overseas labor market which so many companies tapped into -- once that started (thanks Jack Welsh), the others had no choice. There are still niche markets where companies can make profit providing high end, quality - but not as many as before the great outsourcing decade. That said, the OP's example is still pretty darn shoddy and beyond what any of us (or the suppliers themselves) would expect or accept. I would send them and the dealer I purchased the rig from pictures and shame them into some compensation. The only way this crappy level of quality gets corrected is if people stop buying. That hasn't happened with the Wally World goods and suspect it won't with the RV industry either. Having our cake and eating it too simply does not work. I wonder if the toothpicks were turned on a lathe to get the correct interference fit?
  3. Keep the guns (disassembled if possible) and ammo separate. Agree with the last couple of responders... sometimes, some subjects are just left alone.
  4. When I was in the Class A market, many warned about getting too short a coach and axle length... that the ride would not be good. I've noticed that many seem to be returning from the mega length coaches to the smaller size ones. Perhaps the newer short coaches have improved suspensions?
  5. True enough. I am part of a class action lawsuit against a former company Boeing used for employee 401K plans. I hope to be able to buy a 6 pack of beer and a bag of kettle chips with my award .
  6. The new format seems to work just as well. I'm sure whomever was responsible had good reasons to make the change... perhaps it works better on the administrators side?
  7. I think I just heard all of the state and federal legislatures gasp for air .
  8. The contractor currently doing our master bath remodel is interested in building the shop. He is recommending a monolithic slab, 4 inch, 3000 psi rated, rebar reinforced. He is also recommending conventional frame and truss vs. pole barn. This will use 2x6 exterior walls on 24 inch centers, sheathed with 1/2 OSB, then 29 gauge sheet metal siding and roof. His reasoning is that the cost increase is marginal and this provides a much better, rigid structure which can be easily finished on the interior using conventional fiberglass insulation and sheetrock. One decision I'm still bouncing back and forth about on is side wall height. I really think 16' walls will make the shop look huge near our rambler home - when you also add the 4:12 roof peak. For our immediate needs (TT), 14' walls will be fine. The TT with AC is 133" high. I also see that 13' height doors are available. How many on the forum with smaller class A or C coaches are storing them in garages with 14' high walls?
  9. Wow, that's a scary, sobering photo. None of us would ever expect something like that happening. Hopefully the investigation reveals something that we can all learn from. Prayers for the couple... very sad.
  10. Thanks. I just found this thread and it has lots of info. There is much too consider in concrete work.
  11. We're getting set to build a 32' x 48' shop/garage with doors sized for use with DP's or 5th wheels. While we will be purchasing a 26' TT, I want to size things for use with larger RV's (should we change later and as a resale point). Currently the bid has a 4" thick reinforced concrete slab. I'm wondering about having that increased to 5" and/or specifying concrete with higher psi rating. The shop will be set on pretty darn level pasture ground. Is the 4" reinforced concrete ample for large DP's?
  12. Thanks for sharing your experiences!
  13. Glad to have had the chance to see that tree and be among the millions and millions who have walked through it. It's unfortunate that the storm toppled it. No doubt it has weathered many more severe storms over its lifetime. Honestly, if these trees could talk, can you imagine the stories they could tell.
  14. Good feedback as always. I am reading that many abhor the deluge of e-mail advertisements from Good Sam... someone even quitting their membership due to that. Is that something any of you have experienced?
  15. Log out function working normal this morning. Probably just one of those programming "features" that periodically show themselves.