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    • At this moment, I say we will only be part timers (wife retires this year).  Snobird'rs during the cold months, but at our S-n-B during the warm months.  Different strokes for different folks.  Home ownership = lots of upkeep/work which I enjoy.  Home/property paid for so it does not cost much to own, my property taxes this year is going up to $500, so much cheaper than most places.  Disadvantage, I have to mow the grass (well, I pay a young man to do it).  Advantage, I have a large garden and lots of fruit trees.  I have tons of toys, er, tools.  Cost wise in an RV depends on the individual.  New/used, you can buy a cheap RV and constantly put $$ into it for repairs.  Buy expensive, some cost more than a small house.  Either way, you WILL be putting $$ into it eventually, upgrades, repairs, etc.  Then, depending on where you wish to stay.  Want full hook-ups?  That's not free, daily/weekly/monthly or yearly, your going to pay $$.  You can live on the cheap boon-docking if that's your thing but then you have to hook up - pay to dump, fill with water, etc.  In the long run, it's not totally free, just cheap(er).  Then how will you get around?  Vehicles cost $$ to run/pull RVs, etc.  Drive around alot, you will go through vehicles. Personally, I see lots of advantages/disadvantages to either life-style.  In the end, you just have to do what makes you happy, it's your life.  You can make it complicated, or as simple as *you* choose.  Whatever you do, one thing to remember, breakdowns happen.  Same as my house.  Ya got to plan ahead of time and have a back-up account for when *it happens, ie $$ stashed away.  When I was a young man, I for a while, lived the lifestyle of a gypsy and enjoyed the heck out of it.  I don't currently full time, don't know if I ever will but the thought is there sometimes, like when it's -40 outside. Healthcare, have not had to cross that bridge yet but I don't foresee a problem between VA, Tri-care and medicare, I think I can be seen almost anywhere in the US. Full timing, it's just a lifestyle like anything else.  IMHO
    • Is you car a manual or automatic transmission?  I ask because I have a manual BMW (1999 M Coupe) and looked it up on the Remco website, and it says "Must be towed using a trailer."  BMW had no position I could find about towing behind an RV, but the manual said if it's towed (presumably by a tow truck), not to go over 50 mph and not for more than X minutes or something. But we've been flat towing it for 15 years of fulltiming--just put it in neutral and turn the key to show the digital odometer, and then back just until the odometer disappears.  I'd guess it's been towed for 85,000 miles or so, at regular highway speeds for hours at a time. Well, other than being beat to hell by 85,000 miles of being towed in addition to 200,000 miles of being driven. Also, I noticed that the Remco site says this about 2017 and 2018 Subaru WRX STIs: "Towable as is with speed and/or distance restrictions. Please see Owner's Manual for confirmation and procedures."  But in 2016, Subaru stopped "allowing" flat towing, and took mention of it out of the manual.  The suspicion is that they did it so they wouldn't have to cover warranty claims relating to flat towing, because the car itself didn't change. Especially if you're not concerned about warranty issues, I'd suggest that if you want to flat-tow your Miata, do some internet searching to see if other people are doing it with that exact car.  And of course decide whether you trust whoever says they're doing it. And, if you do find people and hit them up for information, PLEASE respond to them if they provide it.  I can't count the number of times people have run across our website that says we flat-tow the M Coupe and asked for specifics, and we always reply, and they never even acknowledge the reply.
    • K.I.S.S. . . It's as simple as you make it . Or , as complicated . Just like life in a S&B .
    • In our coach and current toad, the OBDII power pin the Mobley uses stays alive at all times unless the battery is disconnected. In our older previous toad, that pin shuts off with the key. With the Mobley out of the OBDII port, a variable 24 vDC power supply is less than $20 on Amazon. Set at about 13 volts, it should keep the Mobley alive as long as desired.
    • Just curious, voltmeter showing just over 12 , and ammeter showing charging ???