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EVs At 90% Share In Norway — Tesla Model Y Best Seller


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"August saw combined EVs at 90% share in Norway, comprising 83.5% full electrics (BEVs), and 6.5% plugin hybrids (PHEVs). These compare with YoY figures of 86.1%, 74.9%, and 11.3%, respectively. We can see that BEVs have gained almost another 10% of the market in the past 12 months, and PHEVs are in decline, along with all other non-BEV powertrains.

In volume terms, BEVs are actually flat YoY, and all other powertrains have lost volume, leading to the overall 10.4% decline in overall market volume. Petrol-only vehicles lost 58% of their volume YoY, seeing just 122 units in August. Even PHEVs lost 48% of their volume, falling to 724 units.

HEVs (plugless hybrids) fell in volume by “only” some 30%, and are shrinking more slowly than PHEVs. Both have a little over 6% market share. It would be ironic if PHEVs, which can drive most of their miles on renewable energy when used as intended, fell below HEVs, which are entirely dependent on fossil fuels. The issue is likely the price difference, with PHEVs being generally expensive, whereas basic HEVs, with tiny batteries and modest motors, can be produced for not much additional expense over a combustion-only vehicle.

Once BEV models have filled out more niches, and lower price points — in the context of Norway’s extensive DC charging network — all other powertrain sales, including both forms of hybrid, will quickly fade.


EVs At 90% Share In Norway - Evolution

EVs At 90% Share In Norway — Evolution

More charts in the link below.


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