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Newbie question, what to look at.


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Hi all, first time posting and first time buyer newbie.

I am interested in a small camper (prefer 20' ish) with dual axles and have been looking at the Micro Minnie. I am curious if there are others that I should be looking at? Would prefer staying around this size and dual axle. Using a midsize truck for local camp sights. Thank's for the input.

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First thing is identify the Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating (GCVWR) of your tow vehicle.  Next, weigh said vehicle with full fuel, any passengers (inc. pets), expected gear etc.  The difference in actual weight and GCVWR is what you can safely tow.  NOTE: this will certainly be much less than the published tow rating, because you are now using real figures, not some advertising guys' wish numbers.

Now compare your real world numbers with what your desired trailer weight ratings are.  Hopefully, you'll be in a safe range.

I like your idea of wanting tandem axles.  They tow much nicer than single axles.

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I would echo that the first concern should be cargo capacity.  After just a quick look at the specs for various micro minis, I would be concerned.  It seems that like a great many RVs, these are underbuilt.  You need to be sure that the actual weight of the RV with water and propane and ALL of the accessories will leave at least an additional 1000# and still be within the gross vehicle weight rating.  The 1000# recommendation may sound excessive but it is really easy to exceed that amount when you consider the weight of food, drinks, clothing, hobby gear,  lawn chairs, BBQ, bedding, cleaning supplies, leveling blocks, tire inflator, basic tools, etc, etc.  Don't forget the possibility of other upgrades such as larger batteries, a generator with fuel, and solar panels.

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