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Maryland Cooks Up Green Hydrogen Scheme To Kill Diesel Buses


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I guess we don't write off hydrogen if they have green hydrogen like this:


"Who’s Gonna Pay For All This Green Hydrogen?

As for the cost of the microgrid makeover, that’s easy. There is no up-front cost. MCDOT is getting the whole soup-to-nuts project done through an energy-as-a-service contract with the Boston firm AlphaStruxure, which is a joint venture of Schneider Electric and the global investment firm Carlyle Group.

“The microgrid is delivered without capital expenditures to the County through an EaaS contract, a long-term agreement ensuring predictable operating expenses and guaranteed performance without upfront capital expenditures,” AlphaStuxure emphasized.

If AlphaStruxure rings a bell, you may be thinking of Montgomery County’s other claim to EV fame. Back in 2021, CleanTechnica took note of the County’s Energy-as-a-Service deal with AlphaStruxure to construct the nation’s biggest solar-plus-storage bus fleet charging station, the Brookville Smart Energy Bus Depot. The facility is expected to reach its capacity of charging 70 electric buses by 2026.

Energy-as-a-Service contracts are similar to the familiar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) contracts that have helped fuel renewable energy investment in the US. PPAs enable energy consumers to get their hands on clean power, without having to shoulder the capital costs up front. The developer gets paid back over time while the consumer can reap the bottom line benefits of a more stable and predictable energy supply, freedom from commodity price spikes, and an overall reduction in costs compared to conventional fossil fuels."

Much more with pics of the Hydrogen and charging station using solar to produce the hydrogen from water not fossil gas here:


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