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When Tesla unleash M3P batteries it could be GAME OVER...


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For investors.

Ford told the truth when Toyota, and most of the legacy car makers are hiding it, found they could not compete in manufacturing costs/price, never mind their dealership model middle men taking their additional cut when they can't even compete in margins.

This thread is about what is happening now. Now I see why even PHEVs cost more than a Tesla with the old Li-Ion battery packs.

This is the latest info available. But it ties together all the other info about their increased investment this year, as well as the reason for their price reduction this past month. As well as their surge to ramp up their battery factories and to strengthen their supply sources.

If you are not going to watch the video and hate electric cars then fine. NO ONE IS TRYING TO GET YOU OR ANYONE TO BUY AN EV!

But if you are an investor you may want to spend the under 14 minutes to watch this video from Australia:


Why ARK Invest Predicts Tesla Stock Will Hit $2,000 By 2027

And this is in addition to Tesla battery news. Excerpt from today's news:

"Cathie Wood, CEO of investment management firm ARK Invest, has long been bullish on Tesla. Wood recently explained why she thinks Tesla’s stock could hit at least $2,000 by 2027, representing “one of the most important investment opportunities of our lifetimes.”

Wood expects Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta to someday support a fleet of robotaxis, noting that the autonomy business would be a key driver of her $2,000 expected value estimate on the stock. The news, as shared by ARK Invest and reported by CNBC, represents an increase from Wood’s previous target of $1,500 by 2026, predicted last June.

In the recent note, Wood and Ark Invest predicted that Tesla’s robotaxis could bring in as much as $8 or $10 trillion of revenue by 2030. Tesla has remained one of Ark’s largest holdings for the flagship Ark Innovation ETF (ARKK), with a total 9.4 percent weighting. Along with Ark’s expected value of $2,000 per share, Wood also shared a bull case price target of $2,500, as well as a bear case price target of $1,400.

The firm predicts that Tesla’s robotaxi business will contribute 67 percent of its expected enterprise value, and 64 percent of its expected EBITDA in 2027. Additionally, it expects that Tesla’s EVs will contribute 47 percent of revenues in the same year, albeit at “substantially lower margins than robotaxi revenue.”




Powerwall news -


Mon, April 24, 2023 at 8:58 AM MDT - Tesla raises 2023 spending forecast as it races to ramp up output:


How Tesla Is Quietly Expanding Its Energy Storage Business

Tesla overtakes Audi in global car sales, on track to beat BMW and Mercedes

April 22, 2023

Tesla has overtaken German carmaker Audi in global sales for the first time in Q1 of 2023, selling 422,875 cars globally to beat Audi’s total of 415,700.

Research from Schmidt Automotive shows that Audi has become the first German premium volume manufacturer to witness its global quarterly volumes fall behind Tesla’s.

Global premium deliveries by quarter. Global premium deliveries by quarter. Source: Schmidt Automotive

Schmidt Automotive says Tesla’s sales have benefitted from sharp price cuts and rapidly scaling production rates at its Brandenburg factory in Germany.

The German factory reached a production rate of 5,000 cars per week in March up from 3,000 in December after opening just over 12 month’s ago.

Tesla’s German factory is experiencing incredible growth that could see it hit 10,000 cars per week by the end of this year.

With Tesla’s staggering global production growth over the last four years set to continue this year, the EV maker on track to hit between 1.8 and 2 million cars in 2023. That’s up from 1.3 million in 2022.


Most of the above is from this month and all are less than a year old.

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When you see a worthy man, endeavor to emulate him. When you see an unworthy man, look inside yourself. - Confucius


“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” ... Voltaire

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More EV industry investor news:

It looks like Texas will become the new tech EV and battery manufacturing hub! This from today.

Siemens Opens New EV Charging Manufacturing Hub In Carrollton, Texas


"Siemens has officially opened the doors to its newest EV charging production facility in Carrollton, Texas, where it will produce EV chargers targeted for the American market. Siemens had just announced back December 2022 that it was retrofitting an 80,000 square foot factory in Carrollton. So, the retrofit only took around 4 months to complete.

The building, which serves as the company’s second US EV charging production hub, will help it achieve its target of producing 1 million EV chargers for the domestic market over the next three years.

A total of 100 new jobs will be generated by the new facility, both on-site and throughout the local supply chain. Wyntron, an existing partner in Siemens eMobility’s manufacturing ecosystem, will also manage some of its operations.

Siemens has invested $3 billion over the past four years in strategic M&A deals and industrial expansions in the United States. The Carrollton factory is the most recent addition to this effort.

“Texans love manufacturing growth and we’re grateful to Siemens for continuing to invest here in North Texas where our workforce is second to none,” said Rep. Beth Van Duyne. “As part of Siemens’ multi-billion dollar investment in advanced manufacturing in the United States, the new Carrollton manufacturing hub will help strengthen critical supply chains and create new, high tech job opportunities for our hard working families.”

“We’ve seen monumental growth in the U.S. EV market over the past several years, spurred in large part by federal investments, and Siemens continues to be perfectly positioned to help meet this demand and to bring the country further into an electrified transportation future,” said John DeBoer, head of Siemens eMobility North America. “The investments we’re making in communities like Carrollton and the work that our skilled employees will be doing to bring EV charging infrastructure to life will have an impact much further than just these city limits.”



http://www.rvroadie.com Email on the bottom of my website page.
Retired AF 1971-1998

When you see a worthy man, endeavor to emulate him. When you see an unworthy man, look inside yourself. - Confucius


“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” ... Voltaire

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