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Google Pixel's magical camera feature is finally coming to iPhones (and other Android phones)

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But there is a catch, while free to Pixel users like me and Joel here, you have to pay $2 a month for Google One.


"At the center of all the ads is one claim-to-fame feature: Magic Eraser, a one-tap editing tool found in the Google Photos app that lets you magically remove unwanted subjects from any image. That includes photobombers in your otherwise perfectly-framed family vacation photo and passersby in your grand capture of the Grand Canyon. There's a level of satisfaction that comes with such power, and Google knows it.

Also: 3 hidden Samsung Galaxy camera features you should be using

Since its release, Magic Eraser has been exclusive to the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series, but Google today is rolling out an update that gives the Pixel 5a and earlier models, other Android devices, and iPhones the ability to use the photo-editing feature, too.

A before and after comparison of Magic Eraser, with two people being removed from a landscape photo of the beach.

The before (left) and after (right) using Magic Eraser.

Note that while Magic Eraser comes free for all Pixel users, you do need a subscription to Google One -- the company's own cloud storage service -- to reap the benefit on non-Pixel phones like the iPhone.

The rates for a Google One membership start at 100GB for $2 a month and go up to 2TB of storage for $9.99 a month. You'll save 16% if you commit to an annual subscription, of course."



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Good info, thanks! I have never owned a Samsung phone so am less familiar with it. For those who have Samsung phones that can enable it, here's the guide on how to find and use it:


"The Magic Eraser tool is one of the best features in the Google Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6a phones, not to mention one of the most heavily marketed. But if you own a recent Samsung device you can join in the fun too — because Samsung has its very own version of this popular photo-editing tool.

Known as Object eraser, Samsung's version actually pre-dates Google's, having been released the year before the Pixel 6 and Pro were even announced. For some reason, Samsung hasn't decided to trumpet this tool from the rooftops, but it probably should do, because it works .

As long as you have the latest version of One UI, object eraser should be built right into your Gallery app, though it's not as intuitive to find as on a Pixel 6. That said, we cover how to use the hidden magic eraser tool on Samsung phones in our simple guide below.

How to use the hidden magic eraser tool on Samsung phones

Note: Your Samsung phone or tablet must be running One UI 3.1 and above for the object eraser tool to be present. To check this, go to Settings>About phone>Software information. You should also check your Samsung apps are up to date by updating them in the Galaxy Store app. It's also worth nothing that object eraser may not be available in every region."

The steps to use it are outlined in the article with screenshots for Samsung phones that meet their criteria here:


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