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How to buy TT in Oregon without ID from there, living in RV


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I am moving from California to Bend, Oregon.  I want to buy an all weather RV cuz it snows there. Need to know the domicile rules because I want to buy my RV in Oregon, will be living full time at an RV park & that will be my permanent domicile.  Will they make me pay California sales tax?

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As I said in my reply to the other place that you asked this question, if you plan to live permanently in that area with only temporary absent for trips or vacations, then the requirements are no different from what it would mean to move into a house or apartment there. If you buy an RV in CA and you still live in CA you will have to pay CA taxes and register the RV there. In order to avoid that you need to move to OR and get an address established and a driver's licence there. Even then, to avoid paying CA sales tax you will have to arrange to take delivery of the RV outside of the state boundary. If you buy the RV in OR it will be less problem but you will still need to have an OR address. You have to register and insure it in OR so you will need an address. An OR dealer might be able to help you by giving you a 30 day temporary registration to allow you to use the RV in a local RV park as your address to get a driver's license and registration. 

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