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Changes in sightseeing destinations

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We were talking today about cities we have visited in our travels.  As would most anyone who tours in a RV the majority of our stays are in rural areas.  Still, when we are within reasonable driving distances of big cities we usually take a day or two to check out the major attractions of the city.  We often drive to the outskirts of the city and switch to public transportation to continue our trip into the city.  

We were talking earlier today about how many places we have visited that have been in the news lately.  For instance we have been in Minneapolis, Washington, DC, Seattle, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Atlanta just to name a few.  We know for sure that we were right where riots (not to be confused with protests) have recently taken place.  In other places we don't know the local area enough to know where we were in relation to the areas we have recently seen on the news.

In fact, that's kind of the point for us.  We are generally focused on some tourist destination - so far as local areas where unrest might happen we are babes in the woods.   We could have easily missed an exit or for some other reason blundered into some charged area.

All of that to say I'm thinking  that because of the current situation with the threat of violence I'm glad we've already been to a lot of places because if we were just starting out I'm not sure we would be up to just wandering around any big city right now or any time in the immediate future.

I know that we all have to march to the beat of our own drummer about stuff like this but I think we have plenty of company when it comes to rethinking exploring big cities in our nation.


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