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Day/Night Shade Cord Replacement

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Newer member here, wanted to post about this project.

We have Auto Motion Custom Manual Framed Twin-Pleat Shades, #TPS-720. Had to replace two shade cords and wanted to share information from the project.

Could not find any shade cord re-thread diagrams matching the Oliver's windows. Purchased 100' of cord from Amazon that's thicker, 1.5MM cord, compared to original 1MM cord. Did not use tape where indicated in the sketch because the thicker new cord was sandwiched very tightly between shade & frame without tape. Recommend using original thickness cord with tape, because on the longer shades I had trouble fitting the thicker cord and thinner original cord would fit easier.


Thicker cord on right used:



With larger diameter cord, threaded each hole one at a time instead of multiple holes:


Copied the original cord routing:




Night shade with new cord re-threaded:


Job completed:


If the night shade is being threaded (shade top of frame), taped side of shade is positioned at the top. If the day shade is being threaded (shade in bottom of frame) the taped side of shade is positioned at the bottom.



Springs maintain tension on the cords. Each cord is fixed and taped in place where indicated in the previous post. Cord in shade handle is not fixed allowing the handle/shade to slide up and down on the cord. The cords from night shade are routed to the spring in the bottom of the frame. The cords from day shade are routed to the spring in the top of the frame.





Oliver TT

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