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Our microwave oven is dying, and I have been looking on the internet for a replacement. It goes in a cabinet 14 3/8ths inch high x 20 5/8ths inch wide x up to 19 3/4ths inch deep. The old micro was only 12 inches high, and I can move the old trim kit over onto a new one. So I am really looking for one about 20.5 inch wide by 12 inch high, so I have room to vent it out the top.


The old one is a Panasonic NN-S5448BAV, which vents from the top, and there is the old baffle I could move to a new unit. Panasonic says they have no replacement, since all of their units now vent to the back. From searching and calling, it looks like all countertops that will fit are going to vent from the back.


Has anyone run into a microwave that will fit that vents from the top or front?


Any advice on how to vent one from the back and over the top?




John Parker

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