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Another item on my OH S##T! list.


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About 5 years ago I used an additive in my bulldozer that seemed to help the motor performance. Thinking it it is good for the diesel motor on the dozer it should be good for the backhoe and the HDT. Well it might be but really did not show any real difference in these but what the hell what could it hurt. Now that I have had an oil analysis performed for a perspective buyer I know now not to use RESTORE in my oil. Analysis came back critical showing high metals content. This is not a positive to a perspective buyer. I was told that it would take two maybe more oil changes to get back to a valid oil analysis. I have an old analysis that shows no problems but it is 35,000 miles ago. Lesson don't use RESTORE in anything what you plan on doing an analysis on. I questioned bringing this to attention of possible buyers, before being able to explain it, but just don't want this to happen to others. I wish I would have known about it!! Hopefully there will be other ways to (like dyno test) to show the motor is ok. The authorized Volvo service center that I have used showed great concern thinking I might have a spun bearing but said they could not detect anything wrong with the motor. I told them I had used RESTORE in it and they started laughing( I didn't). They said that explained the results and not to worry strong motor should last me for a long time. When I told them I was selling the truck they could only offer oil changes and that they would talk to anyone regarding the truck as a remedy. Time will tell.


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Did you get to actually read the analysis report ?

. . . or just hear about the results over the phone from the buyer ?


Although I don't know enough about what happened with you and your prospective buyer to make any claim . . .

. . . this would be a "plausible" ploy to get a lower price.

[ A bit of my caution = skeptical_view is showing here. ]


The fact the dealership knew some of the consequences of using the 'restore' product probably makes it less likely that your prospective buyer was trying a ploy.

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RESTORE is a great product when used for the right problem. I have used it at least 2 times through the years. It works great on an old noisy smoking, tired engine and will give you many more miles, if you need them.

Looking at all the stuff on the shelf it's a little pricey but well worth the money. I had a brain storm, like you, one day to put synthetic

casteroil in my Onon gen set. Since I put lots of hours on it why not upgrade my oil? "WRONG" IT didn't take long before it started running like crap an finally quit all together. It started spitting that good slippery stuff out the carb. My FIX and I think YOURS was to run 10w40 through it for a few hours then change the oil AND filter and run another fresh oil change through it. After the third

change out it started running good again. Since then I have stayed with my Casteroil 5w30 or straight 30wt. now I have a happy engine again. My trailer is a 2001 and I have 1700 hrs on the gen set with no oil added between 100hr. oil changes.

You need to get that Restore totally flushed out of the system an that will take repeated oil an filter changes.

After your happy with the purging I would suggest that after the final change drop the pan and do a lower end inspection of the "Rod&Main" bearings for happiness sack. Fill with your favorite oil and filters and breath easy. I often suggest a rod an main inspection and oil lab sample to people with new used trucks. Do it at oil change time since your going to dump the oil anyway.

Then you know exactly what you have. Adds about an hour and maybe a pan gasket to the oil change. The gasket for my Detroit was $42. After that you just have to watch oil lab reports.






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