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Power Pulse from Pulsetech?


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I posted a thread on IRV2's Going Green section about whether or not I should do a preventative maintenance condoner/equalize of our three year old Lifeline X's 4 L16's AGM's. (Still thinking of doing so, but will call and talk with Lifeline before doing so, and 'Tom' whom sold me the batteries. He is a reformed Country Coach owner, now into SOB of a Prevost - and was well liked and respected on the CC related forums:)!)


In this thread, Monaco owner Jim J. said he had been pointed to the above Pulsetech device by another veteran Monaco owner, that spoke highly on this relatively inexpensive unit.


I understand how it works, and basically if 'shakes things up via pulse, to avoid sulfating'. Suspect it is similar to how the Battery Tender I had on our old coaches Trojan 125's would 'automatically de-sulfate' while also maintaining battery charge levels. Perhaps with a little less power demands.


We are plugged into 20A while not traveling, as well as we get about 2-3 hours of good sun on our 1200W of panels. So between the Magnum MS2812 and MidNite Classic 150 Controller - our batteries remained topped off while plugged in.


Our normal usage over the last 3 years, is approximately a mix of 65-75% of the time shore power, and 25-35% of the time boon docking.


It is during these boon docking times, that I'm wondering about, if I were to ad the Power Pulse to our battery bank.


Does anyone have any actual experience with these? Some comments I've read on Amazon indicate that charging times seem to be faster. One gent posted that he has his batteries load tested each year before reinstalling them into his RV. And that since adding the maintenance of the Power Pulse, that they always test better then the specs of a new battery. (Etc., etc.)


In boon docking mode, I do have the Solar Panels usually handling the bulk of our battery recharging. The literature from Power Pulse indicates:


PP-12-L uses a very small portion (< 2%) of the battery’s own energy to produce desulfating pulses



So we'd be eating into battery capacity at times that the solar panels are not producing energy. Sort of contrary to the art of preserving SOC capacity:)!


Opinions please on if this is a 'good idea' or a 'bad idea' to add to my battery bank. Suppose I could put a cut out into the mix, and turn it off, when not on shore power, or solar power. And still get some benefits the bulk of the time that we have shore power...




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IMO, I would NOT. That device is intended more for single stage automotive style batteries/charge systems, not to mention that it would make sense to me to be less effective in a glass mat battery. Your Mag's equalization mode is more than sufficient (IMO) and should be set to 15.5v if it's not already.


I think the jury is still out on long term affects of regular equalization of AGM's. First it was taboo, then it was "if a noticeable difference in performance or irregular readings between cells is noticed" it's ok, to.. it's perfectly fine as part of your regular maintenance. I know some have adopted an equalization schedule of every 4 months of regular use. I know some that won't even try it unless it appears necessary. Personally, I've only done mine once at the 1 year mark just so see if pre and post readings would differ. They didn't.. but I might try it again at the 3 year anniversary.


That being said, I do monitor my IN/OUT/MAX/MIN current levels fairly regularly. If I were to notice a disproportion or drop in those readings then I WOULD run an equalization cycle without hesitation. Given time we'll see which "camp" prevails, however, I don't 'believe' it would cause any significant harm to run an equalization on a "reasonable" maintenance schedule. Especially if your cells are not reaching 100% SOC at least every 3 dayish. Constant partial SOC doesn't make for happy batteries. ;)


I have no scientific data to back up any of the above opinions and all "camps" seem to be very equally divided on the subject.

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Thanks Yarome - Understand you thought process.


I've never done any of the yearly testing and recording of data that Lifeline recommends. Suppose I'll do this for the first time, and see how the batteries report card comes out.


I've done some more reading on the boating community, and see a majority of positive reviews for the Pulse Tech. It's relatively inexpensive, so not big hit from that stand point.


It's a new one for me, so will keep reading up on it. No real problems with my 3 years old Lifeline's, so no rush to either equalize/condition them, or add other devices into the mix.


Not a techie on the kinds of things, but I do know that AGM's will sulfate over time. Especially if abused or living down below 100% SOC for continuos period so times. And I can imagine 'tickling them' with the Pulse Tech unit could reduce sulfation. But also admit not sure about this large of a bank of batteries, vs single battery.


So, will keep on reading:)!




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