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Hi, first time on the forum. I have a couple of electrical problems in our 2013 Arctic Fox trailer I am hoping someone has some suggestions about. First one is that the power will not come on for the entertainment unit, a Jensen AWM975, I have checked the fuse and it is OK. I have pushed the unit reset with no results. The background time continues to be displayed. The second issue started shortly after the first. The fuse close to the batteries on my solar panel system continues to blow. When I first noticed it blown, there was no display on the solar charge controller (Zamp power) 10 amp unit. I replaced the fuse twice and it blew again within a few hours, now it blows immediately. The connection from the solar panel to the controller seems to be OK as the red indicator light is on. The other lights and volt display are off. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi and welcome to the forum....


Have you identified which fuse is for the Jensen? If you pull it does the clock go out? It may run on a backup battery. If it goes out there appears to be power to the unit, and I suspect it is faulty. If it stays on, there's a backup battery and you need to ascertain that there is in fact power going to the unit. Take a really close look at the fuses, sometimes they look ok at first glance, but are in fact blown.


A multi meter is an incredibly handy device to trouble shoot electric. They are cheap. Amazon has them for under 10. You can check for voltage at the radio, as well as measure for voltage on both sides of the fuse.


Solar panels on the roof feed into a solar regulator which reduces the (too high) voltage coming out of the panels to something the batteries can tolerate and will charge them......13.X VDC. I am assuming that the fuse that is blowing is between the regulator and the batteries, and is there to protect the batteries from damaging voltage. It appears to be doing it's job, and that would point at the regulator being faulty. I would disconnect the solar panel from the batteries, jump the fuse and measure the voltage with..... you guessed it, your handy multi meter.


Others with more knowledge than I have will chime in, but this is a start.

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