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Extended Life Coolant and sensors

Mr&Mrs Duet

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So we bought the Fleetwood Expedition. Cat C7 300hp diesel.


Part of the plan going in is to bring all the servicing to a known condition.


I've spoken with both Freightliner and Caterpillar customer service to determine part numbers, build details etc. I have to say, both have been extremely helpful and knowledgeable.


While speaking with Freightliner about radiator hose part numbers for replacement, I mentioned I was going to flush the system and install ELC coolant instead of the SCA coolant. I was advised not to do that and the reason given is that the ELC coolant messes up the low fluid sensor causing it to give false readings.


Any first hand experience with ELC coolants and Freightliner chassis set ups?


This was the first time I've heard that



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We recently have had false readings on our Freightliner supplied OEM coolant sensor. One of the things at the Gaffney Service Center pointed to was the use of the wrong coolant by a CoachCare service center (they used Cummins approved coolant not Cat..) They felt it was the problem. After coolant system flush and coolant change, two sensors and several modules. it turned out not to be. But somewhere else in the Freightliner supplied components/wiring harness, which hasn't been located as of yet. The Cat C-7 runs great, my SilverLeaf monitor says it's great, the engine coolant light says low, then engine protect, hasn't hit shutdown yet. After having 2 Cat, and 2 Freightliner service facilities (including Gaffney) work on it we're relying on daily visual checks of the expansion tank and following the read outs of the SilverLeaf, The coolant level sensor and interface module have been disabled in the Cat ECM. BTW ours showed the warning at startup to 130°-140°, then the light would shut off and we could run all day until the next morning, when it happened all over again every day.

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