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Needing to turn off surge protector to get generator power?


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Hi...We tried using our two Honda 2000 generators for the first time, had the parallel cable, and we have a hard wire 50 amp Progressive surge protector...the coach would not power ip om generator until we disconnected the surge protector...are we doing something wrong? Any ideas? mIs this normal?mmThanks so much in advance! I have really bad wifi, so may not check back for the responses for a few days....but I will be checking back!

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Your progressive EMS needs to see a bonded neural and ground before it will allow power to your unit. Give progressive a call they can advise you. We use a Honda 3000I and wired an extension male plug to bond the neural & ground then plugged it into a generator outlet. It worked a charm.

I'm not sure if just one plug will work for paralleled generators though I suspect it should.




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This has been discussed before on this Forum. The article posted above explains the problem quite well so there's no need for me to re hash all of it. I, a retired AC Power Distribution Engineer, have posted here that unlike many traditional wound output gensets (basically same as the utility transformer at your home), some Inverter models may not have a true Neutral, their output transformer could be an isolation type which has 120 VAC Line to Line, so it still works. HOWEVER its my practice NOT to offer advise opposite from what the manufacturers suggest, so you have to do as they say NOT me (which may mean you simply CAN NOT USE YOUR PROTECTOR). I am fine with the home made Neutral Ground bonding jumpers as shown in the article above, but I view such more for conventional wound output gensets versus an isolation transformer which some Inverter Gensets may have, SO DO AS THE MANUFACTURER SUGGESTS EVEN THOUGH YOUR PROTECTOR MAY OR MAY NOT WORK!!!!!! I can see why creating your own Neutral Ground Bond would make Inverter Gensets work with a protector, but I wouldn't bet a dime the manufacturers sanction it ASK THEM THAT QUESTION. On conventional wound gensets proper NEC approved bonding and connection to a "Grounding Electrode" (where required) may consist simply of connecting the Neutral to the conductive iron case/frame of the genset itself. Then if plug and cord connected tools are fed via onboard mounted receptacles, no other "Grounding Electrodes" such as earth driven rod(s) are required (as best I recall, no warranty, been too long). With a Neutral and "Ground" bond in place, that should satisfy a protection device and not throw any codes. HOWEVER depending on the Transfer Switch and how many poles it switches, there are situations where the NEC would require you to sever that NG Bond (float the Neutral) and bond the case/frame to the utility equipment grounding conductor instead.


NOTE if an Inverters output is an isolation transformer with no traditional Neutral, simply 120 VAC Line to Line, it's still possible to use one end to create a "Neutral" which you would bond to the Equipment Grounding Buss/Conductor which should make a surge protector operable, plus the Equipment Grounding Conductor would serve as a dedicated low impedance return path for fault current and all should work PROVIDED THE MANUFACTURER APPROVES?????????? Floating or Bonded Neutral and isolation transformer advantages/disadvantages is a "double edged sword" you know. If an isolation transformer has no bond to mother earth and fed an RV, even if a hot wire shorted to the RV frame, if your barefooted grandchild touched the RV, in theory would they NOT be shocked


PS the article above doesn't go into detail or explain how and when and why a Neutral or Ground Bond might take place in a Transfer Switch. That all has to do with the concept of "Separately Derived Sources", how many poles the transfer switch requires, and if the Genset requires a Floating or a bonded Neutral, no need to open that "can of worms" here lol.


John T

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