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Tracfone specials 6/2015 FYI

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I went in to renew today and found a few specials popping up. 15% off the year card with 400 minutes, so $20 off or so. During checkout though they had two add-on specials for Fathers day. An additional 365 days (no minutes) for $49.99 and an additional 400 minutes bonus for $25.


If anyone is like me I never burn through all my minutes, so being able to add on another year for 50 bones without having to pay for minutes too was great. If you look at it too.. picking up the two specials for $75 is even cheaper than the discounted 1 year card.


It's getting rediculous though.. my phone has triple minutes for life, so with this 1 year card I'm now up to 5892 minutes available. :P:D



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But what good are they if you never actually use them? :rolleyes:


With Tracfone you're buying a length of service contract.


I do use some, but the 1 year plan gives me 400 whether I want em or not.. then the phone triples em for 1200 a year. I doubt I use 200/year. $8/month is the cheapest cell phone I know of though. ;) With the "additional 365 days" special for $50 I bought 3 of them. So this next year will still be $8/month, but the following 3 years will only be $4/month. I won't receive any additional minutes, but I think I can ration the 6k. :lol::D

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