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It’s like stepping into a time machine!

Travel back to the sights and sounds of America’s past on this HOP!

On the way to the 2016 Escapade in Essex Junction, Vermont, join us for this HOP in Dearborn, Michigan, and learn about some of America’s greatest industrialists and innovators.


Visit historic buildings such as the home of Noah Webster, the founder of the American dictionary; the Wright brothers’ cycle shop; the Henry Ford Museum; the Ford Rouge Factory; Thomas Edison’s machine shop, laboratory, office, and library; and the courthouse where Abraham Lincoln practiced law. See the chair President Lincoln was sitting in at Ford’s Theatre when assassinated in 1865.


See historical vehicles such as a 19th-century steam engine; the “Goldenrod,” which shattered the world land speed record in 1965; a replica of the Wright brothers’ flying machine; and the bus in which Rosa Parks rode, ushering in a new era for equality and freedom.


Reflect back into time while visiting presidential limousines such as the 1902 Theodore Roosevelt horse-drawn Brougham, the 1939 Franklin D. Roosevelt Sunshine Special used to chauffer the president around during World War II. Built in 1950, Dwight D. Eisenhower’s “Bubbletop” was the official car for 4 U.S. Presidents: Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson. View the historical limousine that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in, on November 22, 1963; and the limo Ronald Reagan took shelter in during John Hinkley’s gunfire. This presidential limousine is the last preserved limo; they are now destroyed by the Secret Service.

Railroads played an important part of the progress and growth of the American Industrial Revolution. Visit the working 19th-century roundhouse, ride a 1930s steam engine train, a Model T, a 1931 Ford Model AA bus, and a 1913 Herschell-Spillman Carousel.


Farming was crucial in the early days. Learn about the agricultural revolution and how people lived off the land in the 1900s; see a wagon shop, a carriage barn, a cider mill; visit historical homes such as the 1650s Plympton House, 1750s Daggett Farmhouse, the 1840s Susquehanna Plantation, and the 1930s Mattox House, to list a few.


Be in awe while watching skilled artisans use techniques that are centuries old when visiting the glass shop, the Gristmill, the pottery shop, the printing office, the machine shop, the tin shop, and the weaving shop.



If you enjoy history, join us for a time of your life! This will truly be a spectacular HOP; so don’t miss out!



Payment options

When registering for a land HOP (not a cruise HOP), you may pay half upon registering and the balance 60 days prior to the event.


For more info on this HOP, see: Time Travel HOP


How to register

To register, please call the HOP department at 888-757-2582 or 936-327-8873, or, if you would like more information, you can email hopinfo@escapees.com.


See you at the HOP!


Safe Travels & SKP hugs,


Lisa Koca #86367

HOP Director

Escapees RV Club

100 Rainbow Dr.

Livingston, Texas 77351


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If you have never been to the Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village, or seen an actual Auto Assembly Plant (in this case the F150 pickup plant) you need to come on this HOP. We will be staying at an RV park with all paved roads and paved sites with full hookups. You will see practically all things mechanical at the museum. And a portion of America's history and heritage at Greenfield Village. Many other things to see and do in the area before and after the HOP.

Bernie Patton

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That's a great write up about the Henry Ford Museum. You might want to post that on Facebook: www.facebook.com/escapeeshops.


Thanks for the link!


Have a good day.


See you at the Time Travel HOP!


Lisa Koca

HOP Director

Escapees RV Club

100 Rainbow Dr.

Livingston, Texas 77351


Email: headout@escapees.com

Website: www.escapees.com/fun/hop

Facebook: www.facebook.com/escapeeshops

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