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CIG solar panels and Micro inverters


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Anyone familiar with cig solar panels they sound interesting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnSlZ2r3v_Y and the micro inverters are also very interesting http://solarbridgetech.com/products/our-solution/pantheon2/ Solar Bridge Technologies states " Capture up to 25% more energy per site over central and string inverter-based systems". Don't know if these would be compatible with an RV but they do appear promising. Thanks for you input


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The RV market is not even a blip on the radar for solar mfg. and this technology, at least right now, is for "normal" buildings. But some of us have "normal" buildings and it's possible that in a short period of time prices can come down to where we can afford them.


The micro-inverters would be most valuable where the solar panels feed into the grid rather than provide emergency backup with batteries. In fact, I've had people argue with me that having solar "doesn't mean that your power can't go out" when, for me at least, that is one of the major positive aspects of solar.


That and stiffing the local PUD whenever possible.


I'd love to be able to live my life completely off the grid both at a Stix'n'Brix and in the motor home. But I am such a slut... last month in SKP Park Sierra with 50-amp connections and a WiFi access point just 20 feet from our motor home, I sucked it all up. (Okay, I did turn the converter/charger off for several days and let the solar panels provide the DC portion of our power use.)


When we can use solar panels to roof our houses and RVs and have better batteries at lower cost that will be a great time. I just hope it comes soon enough for me to enjoy it.



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