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Cost to add a new receiver

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It was my understanding that you could add another receiver (Dish network) for an additional $7 per month. I have no problem doing this but they want $8 per month on top of this for some protection plan that they insist I have to add. They also want me to pay a $95 installation fee. What! - to type in a few numbers. Plus they want a 24 month fee. Have others here had to go through this just to add another receiver to their plan

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Either you or the CSR. or both are not understanding something.


There is the fee for an additional receiver.


As for the Protection Plan, it is not mandatory and by Dish policy, is not available for RVs.


The Installation fee is a clear example of the CSR not getting it right. The Protection Plan would cover the installation. So it is either the Protection Plan or the Installation fee.


The Installation fee would be valid if the new receiver needs to be installed. If you can handle the installation yourself, no installation fee.


What is a 24 month fee? This is probably a misunderstanding on your part. Any change of equipment with Dish refreshes the contract to a new 24 month contract. There is no fee, just a commitment for 24 months.

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Its probably me. I was told by two different people (via chat) that the protection plan was mandatory. So what it really boils down to is that the monthly fee is $15. I guess the 24 month contract makes sense. We were just hoping to add a receiver for a few months and then take it off when we arent traveling. They just don't make it easy. Frankly, I'm about ready to give them up and just stream with my phone and use an antenna for the locals.

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The Dish Chat left me wondering who handles issues. This afternoon I spent close to 35 min. waiting for a rep to come on line and authorize a receiver that had been unplugged for 2 months. I sent specific information as to my account and the receiver info, the tech didn't understand that a signal needed to be sent to the receiver until we went through several mechanical steps. Sadly, next time I will use the phone, as it has been much simpler.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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