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Looking to meet Rob (?) and Gin (?)


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Just skurted in to meet Rob (Ithink that was the name) and Gin. Petsrfile is the one who suggested I meet you two. I am planning to purchase my first RV late summer and hit the road with my service dog. Hope to hear from you all soon!


Let's keep in touch. I am a newbie, a greenie, fresh off the bottle so to speak (baby bottle, meaning young at RVing!! LOL)




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Actually it's Ranger and Jin and I got your message. Welcome aboard the SKPs. We're not the only service dog team in the club I know of at least 3 others besides us. When are you going to hit the road and where from and to for your first journey? Right now we're in Palm Springs CA and will be heading to Joshua Tree middle of June.

Together we, Ranger and Jin

www.desertbandanna.com - The

Heartland North Country RETS31
2000 Ford F-350 Super Duty, Ext Cab, Dually 4x4, 7.3l diesel.

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