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The Adventures of Ranger and Jin chapter <insert #>


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Amazing how many PMs and emails I get from SKPs wanting to know about Jin . Sort of like letters to the editor. Thanks for asking and taking an interest.


Also makes me wonder, after 40 years of border collies as my partners; how did I become sidekick to the dog. :lol:


Yesterday Jin and I had a pre-trial conference over a citation for "dog off leash" in a public park where it is legal for dogs to be off lead while working according to county law. The interesting thing is in the prosecution of this citation it was ramped up to criminal charges. The city was very adamant over its prosecution because "of my attitude." This is what the city attorney said to me yesterday in front of my attorney (after we made the deal); idiot should have kept his mouth shut. Since when does attitude enter into how the law is enforced? :P Nevertheless I cut a deal and got the charges dismissed. :D I did have to give up my right to public access with Jin to a place where it is specifically posted, "No dogs, service dogs excepted." :o I also had to agree not to run Jin in any city park off lead. Hmmm... that could be a problem since it is necessary at times for him to be off lead. What I don't get is how the city attorney can tell me is, "all we seek is justice" while taking my civil rights away. He also doesn't get that service dogs are not pets and tried to treat Jin as one. He still had to reach down to pet da' pooch. I got too admonish him, "Please don't, service dog protocol, it's not allowed (Jin was vested). Go ahead take my rights away. The charges were dismissed which is the point of the whole exercise. I shall get them back. The AG has already filed a complaint on my behalf. I have no interest in a criminal case. I'm interested in a resolution to the civil rights violations I've put up with since July.


And interesting sidebar was of all the cases there. All of them either went to trial or took a probation deal. Only one case was dismissed, mine. It makes me wonder what really goes on in a legal system that just seems to process people in such a manner that they make no effort to defend themselves. I really didn't see a lot of what the constitution talks about there or maybe it was was the defense attorney's? I dunno.


The next step is mediation. :ph34r:


Nahh! I have a better ninja.


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Together we, Ranger and Jin

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