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  1. Greetings, We are Escapee members and looking for short term storage for our 35' Class A. We travel across the country providing crisis intervention at no charge to first responders and their families. We need to drop our unit somewhere between Chattanooga TN and Montgomery AL for the month of November (about 3-4 weeks). We will then use out TOAD to go back to the midwest for some required family issues. Then we will pick it back up and head South to continue our intervention and training work. If anyone has a secure place we can drop the unit it would really cut our expenses. We do not need hookups, just a safe place to let it set for a few weeks. If you can help please send me an email through this forum or to Jerry at 'ReducingRisk@outlook.com'. We would be forever grateful. You can see more about what we do at www.operationlifesupport.com.
  2. Thanks Kirk & Todd. You have both said things that make sense and were similar to the thoughts I had about the option. I am not really looking for a steady income. Just grabbing some gas cash along the way. I would be looking at simple items, that frankly RV shops charge way too much to finish. In one case I took 6 minutes to do a hot water heater repair with a pair of needle nose pliers. The guy called me 17 months later and had never had another problem with the heater. Previously he had been to 3 separate RV repair shops who had charged him a total of $850 in evaluation and repair fees, but the problem returned. I believe it is disgusting to charge the prices these folks charge just because its an RV and they have people in bad situations. Especially, when they can't fix it correctly. I just like helping people. BTW - I charged the guy nothing to fix it. Have safe travels friends. Thanks for the info.
  3. Greetings all. I work on my own RV and wondering if that is a good way to make money while traveling. What are the common repairs that would need completed? Do the parks allow me to put a sign on the front of my RV? Will others complain about offering that service? Can I utilize blog or some other social avenue to share my location so others can contact me when I am in their area for service? Just trying to make some travel money.
  4. Has anyone workamped in upstate NY? Over near the Vermont border. We are trying to work close to family for a few months. Any good experiences working or camping at RV Resorts/Parks out that way? Thanks and Merry Christmas.
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