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  1. Hi Jwalker (can't find your name) - please email me at this address... billyines54 at yahoo dot com so we can talk some. I think I got on with Southern Cross. Thanks, Bill

  2. Good news! I got a call today from SSC and will talk more with them tomorrow. Hope this works out...I guess all I have to do is MAKE IT WORK OUT!
  3. Well I contacted them and a female receptionist responded with an online application, which I filled out. Looked like the closest work for them (by looking) was up in Kansas. The application started with a long ...kind of a paranoid-dumb smart-possible trick question/selection form--about three-four pages long. I did not have much of a work history as I have been working my own business for about twenty years. I have been trying to design my working on the road plan by painting signs and airbrushing...I am not too hip to flea markets...I prefer doing something right beside the road (or parking lot) with people passing by. I have seen vendors selling miniature trees-fluffy plush blankets-junk-watermelons-pets-honey...seems like the blankets were the best looking eye catcher. But look at all that inventory you have to lugg around! Plus being out in the wind and the elements. I keep banging my head about what can I do out there to make money on the road. You can't just jump out there with so much cash to go on and expect an instant return....not pulling an Airstream at the same time. So I figure it would have to be a destination with a job.
  4. Hi Bob, I hope you will email me personally so I can talk back and forth about SCC. My email is billyines54@yahoo.com ...hey did you know that I am the artist who painted all the Breckenridge Murals. Hope to hear from you, Billy Ines

  5. I myself am interested. I have a good truck and all...but do you pull your rv to these places or can you just go to them if need be?
  6. Looking for work ops at any state parks etc. call me at five eight O-three zero one- seven zero nine nine or email billyines54@yahoo.com

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