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  1. Well, I called customer service. They transferred me to Connected Car customer service. They told me they couldn’t offer any help with the Mobley. They told me to call ZTE. ZTE couldn’t help me because I couldn’t connect to the Mobley. They did offer to test the out of warranty device for $69, but I declined. I called Att customer service back and asked for the PUK codes so I could try another device and they would not give them to me. I guess I will just have to give up the plan. I don’t know what else to do. I am very disappointed with ATT.
  2. OK, I went to two different AT&T stores. The first one didn't have a clue what they were looking at and they said they had no way to test the sim card. So I went to another AT&T store. She pulled up the account and said the sim card was good because it would show an error on my account if it went bad. I am not sure I believe that. Anyway they were no help. The second store recommended that I call customer service and get the device replaced. I explained that it isn't made anymore but she assured me that they have some in stock and would replace it. I will call customer service today but I am really disappointed they weren't more help. I hate to give up this plan but I can't pay $20/month for nothing. I think they are just trying to get everyone off the plan by refusing to help them.
  3. We were fulltimers for nearly 12 years. I picked up a Mobley when it was available with the unlimited car connect plan. Last year we bought a house but kept the plan because it was so valuable. We hadn't used the Mobley for a while. When I got it back out it seemed to work fine. It did do an update and we started getting the 2 hour shutdown, but we could live with that. We are now on a trip in our RV. It worked fine for about a month and then suddenly stopped. Now the power light comes on but the other light won't come on at all. I know some folks have moved the sim card to another device. Is that still doable? Which device and how do you do that? Detailed instructions please because I am not that up on technology. Thanks for any advice.
  4. OK, thanks for the added explanation. Obviously I am not a computer guru. I know just enough to be dangerous. I downloaded Adware Cleaner. I ran a scan. It only showed three files on the screen. I don't remember their names. I selected Clean and it did reboot the computer, but it did not give my any txt file that I could find. My start menu is still not working. The store icon on the task bar is gone. When I click on a jpg file in the file explorer, it only gives me paint as the only program that can open it. If I chose "Search for Another app" to try to open the file, I get an error box that says "You'll need a new app the open this ms-windows-store". All my other programs work. Only windows apps are not working. Thanks for trying to help, but I think it really is a problem within Windows 10. If you google "Start menu not working" you will see that it is a problems that others are having that Microsoft has not figured out how to fix. Their only suggestiion is to reset Windows. Then I have to reinstall all my programs. I wouldn't mind that so much if I had unlimited internet. Thanks again for all your suggestions.
  5. Thanks for the replies, but I really don't think anyone can help me. I really believe that my microsoft account is corrupt, but I cannot convince microsoft of that. The first two times it happened, when I clicked on the start menu I got a popup that said "Critical Error: Start Menu not working". This time when I click on the Start Menu nothing happens. Any programs that I have a shortcut on the desktop for still work, so all is not lost. I just cannot use any Windows apps. Even the store icon in the taskbar went away. wildmandmc, I am not sure what you are trying to get me to do. I have never heard of google adware cleaner. I don't see any links in your post and I don't know what a "bleeping computer" is. I run Norton Security and have for years. I don't think I have any malware. Everything seems to work fine except the start menu and windows apps. Upon searching, I find that I am not the only one constantly having this problem. Maybe microsoft will figure it out and maybe not. Like I said, when I get tired of fooling with it, I will switch to Apple or Linux.
  6. I had a wonderful Windows 7 computer that I was happy with. However, Windows kept trying to upload Windows 10 despite all my efforts to prevent it. I finally surrendered and tried to upgrade myself. I got error message after error message. I gave up again and purchased a new Dell computer with Windows 10 already installed. Now for the third time since I purchased it in October the Start Menu has quit working. I have tried every fix I can find on the Internet to no avail. I have called Microsoft tech support and they have tried the same things that I have and then they tell me I have to do a reset. It keeps my data but I have to reinstall all my programs. I have to say that I am totally disappointed with Windows 10. I spend more time trying to fix it than I do just using it. I am typing this on my iPad and am seriously considering switching to a Mac even though I have never used one. It has to be better than Windows. Sorry this post is so long, but I needed to vent. I am not sure what I could do differently.
  7. Microsoft has the Surface Pro 3, i5 processor, 128 Gb, on sale for $799.00. The keyboard/cover is $129.00. I don't know how much tax and shipping would be, but might be a better deal.
  8. I do have the hidden windows download folder, but it only has 147 mb in it. I do have automatic updates turned on. Not sure what is going on. It is my understanding that you cannot turn off automatic updates in Windows 10 home version.
  9. I know that Microsoft says no you don't have to upgrade. However, when I checked windows update history in my Windows 7 laptop, it has two entries: Upgrade to Windows 10 home - failed I never requested the upgrade. I still have the "Get Windows 10" icon in the system tray. We upgraded my husbands laptop from Windows 8.1 because it was flaky and the upgrade fixed most of the problems he was having. My laptop is much older, so I wasn't planning to upgrade it because I will probably be replacing it in the next year or so. Right now we are in a campground that has really good wifi so I could upgrade here. However, I don't want it to use up our data trying to download the upgrade after we leave here. If it is going to continually try to upgrade, I will go ahead and do it here. Is this happening to anyone else?
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