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  1. I really am looking for specific reviews on extended warranty companies. I am not asking about alternatives. Has anyone had experience with America’s RV Warranty? I am looking for a real life review of there claim response.
  2. I am appreciative of all perspectives. However, I have already decided to get an extended warranty and just need some real life experiences with various companies to help me choose the best option. Does anyone have an extended warranty plan they are happy with? Or they definitely warn against? Has anyone heard of America’s RV Warranty? So far they are the best policy for the money.
  3. I'm researching Extended Warranty Policies. So far I've looked at Good Sam and America's RV Warranty. Has anyone had experience with America's RV Warranty administrated by Headstart Warranty Group? I'm trying to find real life reviews of their claim service. Does anyone recommend a particular company?
  4. I have a keystone alpine 5th wheel. Bought in 8/2020. The air has never worked right. The Gateways were replaced and the entire In-Command system was replaced, but still the units turn off either after reaching temp or before and won’t come back on unless I turn them off at the InCommand control board and back on after a few seconds. Seems to reset and start up again. Been 6 times to repair and no one can figure out the problem. They insist it’s not with the units themselves, but what else is left? They work fine if it’s not too hot outside. And the heater on one unit works fine too.
  5. Anyone know how to troubleshoot an iN·command system? I have replaced the gateways, BCM and control panel. This is a new rig. All under warranty but they can’t fix it. The air gets a few degrees from set temp then turns off and won’t come back on with resetting it.
  6. Right now we have a Class A Winnebago Adventurer with a 50 amp service which runs everything plugged in or with the generator. We are thinking of buying a Jayco Altante 31V which is a smaller RV 32' but only has a 30 amp service. It has two 11,000 btu air conditioners and want a convection/microwave installed as well. Will the 30 amp run both airs and the convention over at the same time? Will it only run one air at a time? The sales people say yes, but we all know how that goes. I can't find anything on it really. We have been full-time since 2002 and our RV is breaking down and want t
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