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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I hope this is in correct place to ask this. I have a very small travel trailer, cheap little Sportsman, and it has a 8,000 BTU air conditioner. What size generator do I need to run this little 14 ft trailer in the woods and forests? Do you know of the quietest one and do you know is there specifications on safety concerns in Nat'l parks etc? The generator will probably stay in the bed of truck [I think] Thank you for your time and any info. Snort
  2. Hi all, My question is, are all base RV units built with "loud and louder" AC and furnace blowers? Should we look for anything besides Dometic or Coleman brands in a used 5er? To narrow this down, our 31 foot trailer with roof unit and ducts was very loud and woke us both up at night. We were not living in it full time, and was only occasional use. Now our unit has been totaled by hurricane Mike and we are getting serious about a used fifth wheel purchase and possible full time use. I am pretty sure we will be forced to change the factory units out if we can't stand the noise. I have done some light searching of fifth wheel topics this morning, related to this subject. I see much has been discussed previously so please add any relevant links to said discussions. I have contacted some of you who have units for sale, thank you for your responses.
  3. I’m posting this here because I figured this is the location with the most Smart car owners. I had to take my first longer trip with our Smart (2016 Smart) last night covering 265 miles with a 2 hour break in the middle. After traveling for about 80 miles on the first leg the interior of the car was getting warming and I noticed that there was very little air flow out of the air conditioning vents and about 10-20 miles later there was for the most part no air flow. If I played with the fan setting and turned it to high it sounded louder and if it was blowing air but nothing coming out of the vents. After dinner with my son’s family I got back on the road and the air conditioner was working fine and air flow was back to normal. Then sure enough at about 80 miles into the 2nd leg of my trip the same thing happen and again 10-20 miles further and very little to no air flow. I’m taking it to Mercedes tomorrow but I know they’re not going to replicate the problem. So I’m taking a chance that someone else with a Smart has already experience the same thing or maybe has an idea of what would cause this? Thanks for any feedback. Kevin
  4. We have a 2008 Mobile Suites with 2 AC's. Yesterday, the air conditioners were working fine, but today the AC that cools the living room won't come on. The bedroom AC starts & runs normally. We've never had an AC problem before & my husband isn't sure where to start with troubleshooting this issue. Do you have any suggestions where to begin to diagnose the possible cause for the one AC not working? Thanks for your help! Cindy
  5. Correction: Title should read, "RV Park Staff Member... burnt up motor of my new air conditioner during installation". Hello, I have an odd situation and would like to know what you suggest to do. We had to go full-time into an RV, a bit sooner than expected. We needed to get an air conditioner immediately due to the climate. Before arriving at the park, we called and told the park staff our situation and asked for recommendations as to who (locally) might be able to help us get an air conditioner installed upon our arrival. They said, "Oh, we have "Bill" here at the park who does that for our guests". We asked to speak with "Bill" and he called and was very willing to help. Upon our arrival, he told us the local RV place to go and we purchased a brand new air conditioner. We called one person in town (not Bill) who was advertised as someone who did RV work. He came over, but was very arrogant and condescending, and way overpriced. We are new to RVing, but do know prices of items. He seemed to be out to just 'gouge' us since he viewed us as "newbies". So we didn't go with him. Then we happened to run into "Bill" again, who rides around the park alot, as he lives on property. Incidentally, we learned the office staff are his wife and mother-in-law, and another family member. "Bill" assured us that he knew how to install air conditioners and could do it with no problem and had done it in the past. We still weren't sure, but we were in a tough situation and needed the work done immediately. My husband also went to the office to inquire about "Bill's" abilities and skills, and another male staff member said, "Oh, Bill works for me!" and assured him, "Oh yes! Bill can handle it, he does that work all the time". Bill does work for the park . Long story short, "Bill", ended up trying to install our brand new air conditioner while we had to go out of town. While trying, he burnt out the motor as well as the ceiling control unit and wiring. He later told us (as we were not there at the time), "it started for a minute and then the wires burned and smoked and it stopped". He didn't tell us initially when it happened, as we were out of town for a few days. When we arrived back, we assumed it was installed and working. It didn't turn on at all, and it was up around 100 degrees outside. We had to call him to find out what was going on . When we got a hold of "Bill", he told us what happened and tried to blame it on something else, but assured us, "I'll get you another motor". After a week of sitting in heat, he finally brought another motor, that didn't even match the unit. At this point in time, my husband told him, "never mind... we will take care of it ourselves". So, after we had two RV repair men come and inspect and inform us the damage he did could have caused a fire throughout the rig, we got the parts replaced, the air conditioner installed and all the electrical work checked out / fixed to a cost of $1,100 for parts and labor. I feel that since the park staff damaged my rig, that they should pay for the repairs. "Bill" and his family (staff) were outraged at the price and demanded why I didn't have "Bill" fix the problem. The family staff member was so belligerent that I was in tears as I left the office. I had dropped off a copy of the invoice which I had requested reimbursement for cost of replacement parts and repairs. I spoke to the Park owner, who owns several parks, and of course, he disowned any liability whatsoever for the actions of his staff. What do you suggest I do at this point? Thank you in advance for time and suggestions.
  6. Help! I replaced my main Dometic air conditioner. No problems at all, works great. It had a 7-wire thermostat. I replaced it with a Dometic 3-wire thermostat. Married up the wires, all simple enough, and as I said works great. BUT. My Atwood furnace also worked through the thermostat. After wiring up the a/c and new thermostat, which was all labeled and a no-brainer, I had 2 white wires and 2 orange wires left over. These are heavy wires, not thermostat wires. I have 2 terminals on the control box that say “furnace.” Where do I go from here?
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