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  1. Thank you and I certainly will!
  2. Hello, For sale is Toterman’s (David Czetli) 2002 European Smart Car. The Smart is still in great shape. It has been sitting for some time now. There are a few issues that will need to be addressed, but Car still runs great and drives just fine. I put a new set of front tires on last year and will need rear tire soon. I have spare front fenders and a few other items for the car. I have the tow bar and eye hooks too. Please call me if you are interested for more information. I can email or text you photos if interested. 302-363-6156
  3. Greetings folks! My name is Mike Czetli, son of Dave Czetli “Toterman”. I am not sure if this post is allowed, so please delete if not. My mother has decided to finally sell the last pieces to her and my father’s rig the Smart Car. I will post the car in the for sale site. If anyone is interested please feel free to contact me. The smart has very low miles since it hasn’t been driven but a handful of times since my father’s passing. It has been sitting and will need some maintenance. My number is(302) 363-6156. Thank you
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