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  1. 4 disk brakes and 4 drum brakes.....That is what the guy had to stop with. I was looking at my neighbors trailer today and the cheap suspension with drum brakes is just sad. I have 3-9K axles with huge disk brakes plus the crazy huge 17" disc's on my Volvo and yea know? It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! Everyone puts their 35-40+K Harleys and other toys in these cheap shit toy haulers with big fancy names. (Voltage or Seismic or impact or momentum and on and on) Maybe they should put up some cash to get a beter tow vehicle/trailer that can stop in a safe distance. Say something with disk brakes??? They will spend 50K+ on a bike but balk at spending more than 60-70K on a trailer to carry that bike. Bassfreakingackwards thinking they have!
  2. OMG! We were at a nice park in Bushnell FL and the freaking trains!!!!!!! every hour on the hour.....holy crap, they never stoped!!
  3. Destin was getting chilly so we are headed down to Tampa and Fort Myers. I forgot how much I really like FL. We took the girls to the dog beach on Sunday in the Volvo and OMG like you said sand everywhere! Fun as it was I am not sure if we will do that again. A hour and a half of fun required 2 hours of dog baths and Volvo vacuuming(:
  4. Yes that was me. We were heading to Destin. I did not notice any other HDT's but there was quite a bit of traffic as you said. Wave back at you Jim!
  5. I will throw this out there and I can feel the hate coming but screw it. I was going to build with Marsha and was going to do a 46' semi model. We were at 300K and climbing because I did not want any of her entry level stuff. She offers a very sturdy structure with the most basic features and then everything and I mean everything is a upgrade after that. Her base level is cheap. She says it is to accommodate everyone's price point but why anyone who can afford a custom trailer in the first place would want linoleum floors and cheap stapled together oak cabinets is beyond me. Steve's new super trailer has Walnut fronts but is stapled together behind what you see. Unless you have been in a NH you would not understand what quality is. I have lowly Cherry cabinets but my drawer boxes are solid Maple and Dove Tailed, something Marsha only does for a large extra charge. Slow down Mr Cory O. Do some more research or visit SC or NH go to the big Tampa RV Supershow. You are way ahead of yourself. Youtube videos are helpful but not the end-all!
  6. Just for a example I have a 2018 48' New Horizons and a 2018 Volvo to pull it and I am under 400K total. For that price you could get into a mid level typical (not Prevost) 45' bus, say a Entegra Anthem, a Newmar Dutch Star or Mountain Aire with a hefty discount. While those are certainly nice they are far, far from top of the line. You pick from their pre existing floor plans and from a few color choices and you are done. I designed every inch of my 5er. I pick the kind of wood the stain the appliances the furniture and the location of everything. To be able to do the same thing with a bus I would have needed to spend 900K-1M with Foretravel of which I am about 500K short. As for my Volvo it is 21-1/2 feet long which is the exact length of the 3500 crew cab long bed Ram that I just sold. I paid $118K for it which was the proceeds from selling my house and Ram. I take it to the grocery store to get a hair cut and to Costco. No harder to park than a dually pick up. Smart cars and Fiat's are cute but you are rolling the dice with your life every time you drive one. If I was unable to stay in my trailer because of repairs I would just get a hotel room. I just don't see that happening very often.
  7. I will call them in the morning. That is just what we needed. a affordable place that is quick and easy to get to. Thanks! Glenn Are you going to be there tomorrow night?
  8. Well I think we will stay somewhere around Tyler as it is almost exactly half way. Park suggestions? I will check the HH guide and Google maps.
  9. Well that gives me a bunch of options. Thank's guys!
  10. Yes I could have done that and thanks for posting that. Since I was asking about the roads as well as a place to stay I did not look there. I was also hoping that maybe someone knew of a place to just stay quickly like a safe rest area or similar.
  11. We are going to leave Hot Springs on Sunday heading down to Austin. We want to split the drive into 2 days. Does anyone know of a good spot to stay about half way? It could be an affordable RV park or even just a safe place off of the highway as it will be a quick overnight. Also I have heard about some issues with 30/35 but can't remember where the worst trouble areas are. One person did say to go through Fort Worth instead of Dallas on the 35W but that looks to be much farther. I really don't care how we go as long as we avoid tight 2 lane's.
  12. I have been dealing with Miller for the last year or so and they have been great. I have been working with Roxanne lately but everyone there knows what they are doing. I called a few others but Miller has been the fastest and easiest to deal with.
  13. I called and got my name on the list for a spot. Glad I did as there are only a few left. So to register for the rally aside from the RV park is $45.00? I do not have a need for any of the seminars...They are all about topics that I am well past. I just want to hang out and talk to people about their rig's and ask questions. Is this ok? I am thinking we will ride our bikes and maybe put our Kayaks in the water during the day (weather depending) and talk/drink later on. Is this a reasonable expectation? Now that I have my own rig I think I will feel more comfortable than I did at the national.
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